borked! my bad. need to start over

Long story short, I tried to get my family account set up, wife didn't do it, but I have set up my laptop, iphone, home computer and using daily.

But I lost my master password to my family account and since she didn't set it up, can't recover the family account.

I also have multiple libraries from how I screwed up my migration from single user to family account.

So I am ok with having to get all new passwords - that's probably best at this point anyway.

Just renewed the family license in December. Would like to basically keep the license and start fresh. Is there an article on this I missed? I read if I delete it, all of the account is deleted including payment info etc... is that correct in this case? Is there a way to keep the family license and just dump the existing pwd libraries easily?


1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OSX 10.11
Sync Type: Cloud


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    @chrisheuer - oof, sorry to hear about all the trouble! If you are absolutely certain you can't remember the password for your account, we'll need to start over if you were the only member there who had Family Organizer privileges. Anyone else who's a member of this account will also need to start over as well, unfortunately. Let me know if that's the case and I can give you instructions for other members of the account.

    For you, I'd strongly recommend you at least try the steps listed here to see if you can jog your memory, unless you're absolutely sure you can't remember it. If that's the case, then we'll need to make sure we can recover as much of your data from other vaults as we can. Check if you can remember your Master Password, and let me know what you mean by "multiple libraries" -- did you used to have your data in standalone vaults? Or you just mean multiple vaults with the 1Password account itself?

  • Positive I can't recover the account. I've been dealing with it by manually synching my macbook, my vr pc and my iphone for the major accounts I use for a long while. Happy to read a specific article and follow specific steps. I was just wondering contextually if it was deleting the vaults or whatever - will just take a day or so to reset it all up - but I need to get it right. I originally had 1password 4 on just my laptop. Then I upgraded to 5 or 6 and got a common/shared vault between my macbook and iphone. I setup the PC/VR rig, then I got the family license. Wife never got hers setup. I now have the shared vault, a personal vault locally, a personal vault on dropbox (now the synched local box?)... anyway - the upgrading over the years was in deep need of a reset and redesign, so now is the time. I suspect others in a similar situation out there...

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    @chrisheuer: Thanks. Just to make sure we're not overlooking a better option, and since we can't discuss any account information here in a public forum, I'll be in touch with you via email shortly.

    ref: CRZ-75773-758

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