Is there a way to pass credentials dynamically while executing `op create item...`

Hi 1Password Team,

I'm trying to automate the process of creating credentials for my team, and I need some advice on how to do it without a file.

op get template login gives me the template to create a new login, and so far the only working solution i've found is putting+editing the json in a file, and cat'ing it out while encoding as mentioned here -
op create item login $(cat upass.json | op encode) --title="Nick's DB Credentials" --vault="MyVaultName"

Is there a way to pass these json variables dynamically in a single run command, like:

op create item login $(op get template login | op encode) --title="Nick's DB Credentials" --vault="MyVaultName" --username="user123" --password="pass123"

Or even

op create item login $({"notesPlain":"","sections":[],"passwordHistory":[],"fields":[{"value":"user123","name":"username","type":"T","designation":"username"},{"value":"pass123","name":"password","type":"P","designation":"password"}]} | op encode) --title="Nick's DB Credentials" --vault="MyVaultName"

1Password Version: 0.5.5 (CLI)
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OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi @Ben, any chance we can get some more eyes on this. Thanks

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator
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    @NicketUttarwar ,

    You can use something like jq, or a scripting language such as Python or Perl to create a filter program that decodes the JSON template, fills in the values for the fields you want to fill, and re-encodes the structure as JSON. You can parameterize this program to pass values. So your work flow would be something like:

    op create item login $(op get template login | yourJSONfilter --user user123 --pass pass123 | op encode)  --title="Nick's DB Credentials" --vault="MyVaultName"
  • That would probably work. Thanks!

  • cohixcohix

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    @NicketUttarwar MrC is correct that the only way to do this right now is using a tool such as JQ. We (as a team) are unhappy with the way that op handles items, and we are planning on totally overhauling it to allow for workflows such as the one you're describing. I don't have a timeline on when this will be available, but rest assured it's a problem we know about and we are going to be doing something about it.

  • I'm glad to hear that. This current version isn't really ready for my team to bake into automation, but i'm looking forward to the next iterations that will be. Thanks for your candor @cohix

  • cohixcohix

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    @NicketUttarwar Absolutely, we want to be open with everyone while we build this tool, especially while it's still in beta, and feedback like this is exactly what we need.

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