Chrome Extension No Longer Works After Update



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    @hubbend: Indeed. Since the fix is in beta 8, you will not be able to test it until updating to beta 9. :)

  • I need to drink more coffee before I respond :blush:

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    Hey, we all need a system! :lol::+1:

  • and BETA-9 fixes the issue!

    Thanks for keeping with this bug!

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    Likewise, thanks for confirming, and for participating in the beta in the first place! :chuffed:

  • @AGKyle said, "If you are already signed in, you shouldn't expect CMD+\ (or your equivalent) to open the extension. "

    So, if I am logged into a commerce site and need to enter a credit card I should not expect CMD+\, the shortcut 1Password taught me, to work as it did in the past?

    Or, put differently, I do expect CMD+\ to open the mini UI regardless of login status. (Why does 1Password even know this? Have it been peeking?) It does not seem that 1Password should care, much less have knowledge of the login state. When I call for assistance, 1Password should just answer the call. After all, 1Password is there to assist me with my business, and logged-in state is my business, not AgileBit's business.

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    I think you're misinterpreting Kyle's comments from last year, which relate to a different issue -- and a completely different 1Password mini, which is the focus of the current beta. A response to something someone else said months ago, taken out of context, can certainly result in misunderstanding. But I think this is the key:

    using the shortcut to fill when there's nothing to fill into, which results in nothing appearing to happen on screen. This would be expected behavior unless you're on the sign in page, at which point you'd see it fill into the fields.

    ⌘ \ has never filled Credit Card (or Identity) items. It either a) fills the Login for the current site if only one is saved or b) shows you a list of them to choose from if there are more than one.

    I believe that Kyle was just trying to point out that you shouldn't use a "fill login" keyboard shortcut when there is no login form to fill. Certainly you can, and we can't stop you, but as you mention it isn't designed to do what you seem to want it to. Taken out of context,

    Anyway, I'll close this old discussion. Feel free to open a new one if you encounter a new issue. :)

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