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I've used 1Password for years and recently signed up for the family version in hopes that my husband would use it too. I'm really struggling with it, and my husband couldn't get it installed in Chrome so he won't use it at all. The multiple vaults have me very frustrated. When I go to fill in a password and click the mini icon, it gives me two of everything!! Worse yet, sometimes the passwords are different in my two choices?! It seems that if I update a password, it doesn't update it in all my vaults?! I have no idea which of my two choices has the most recent update.

Has anyone developed a workflow or best practices to deal with this issue?

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    @mdoan - I'm sorry for the trouble. If you've "used 1Password for years," that likely means that you began using it as what we now refer to as a "standalone" app. In other words, your data are local, and you synced them via one of our 3rd party methods like iCloud or Dropbox. Does this sound familiar?

    If so, and if you've now created a 1Password Families account, you may have not removed the older Primary (standalone) vault after importing all your data into the new account's vault. That would account for the multiple copies. If you're not sure, click Preferences > Vaults and let me know how many vaults you see there, and what are their names? If you see "Primary" and anything else that's NOT under your account, then this is what's happened.

  • Oh yes! That's what has happened! My primary vault has 863 items, my private vault has 886 items and my shared vault has 2 items. So am I supposed to stop using my primary vault? I have no idea how to figure out the differences between my two bigger vaults.

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    @mdoan - well, that's going to have to be up to you to determine. I wish I had a neat way to tell you how to resolve this automagically, but I don't...because there isn't one. Depending upon how long it's been since you created the 1Password Families account, you likely have been updating/adding/changing data in BOTH vaults, so this will be somewhat of a laborious and manual process. Don't panic; not too laborious or manual. But what you should do is switch to your Primary vault and set the sort order at the top of the items list column to Date Modified. This will give you a descending date-order of anything that's been modified in your Primary (standalone) vault:

    Once you've got that, choose anything that's been modified/added in your Primary vault SINCE you created your 1Password Families account, and use these instructions to move any such items from Primary to Private (may also be called "Personal"). Once that's done, you can merge/delete any "duplicate" items you already had in Private as a result of the initial migration when you created the account, and once you've got what you would consider a complete and up-to-date copy of your data in Private, then click Preferences > Advanced and UN-check the box marked "Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts." This will remove your Primary vault, so make sure you've got everything in Personal/Private before you do it.

    Next step would be to do the same thing (remove Primary) on any other devices' copies of 1Password.

    Once that's done, if you like, we can talk about what's gone wrong with your husband's setup. Let us know how you get on. :)

  • Ok, thank you for the step by step. I'll set some time aside to work on it.

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    Sure thing! And we're here if you need us. :)

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