Not downloadable on Google Play store for Amazon Fire?

I just got the brand new 9th generation Amazon Fire 7 tablet, which is running some variant of Android 7.1. I know 1Password is not on the Amazon Store. However it should be on the Google Play store, right? I've sideloaded the Google Play store and can install a bunch of apps from Google Play now. However 1Password doesn't show up when I search for it. Does its listing in the Google Play store have some exclusion that causes it not to show up for my device type?

FWIW I was able to sideload 1Password from APKMirror and it seems to run fine. No idea how good the integration is, but the app loads and there's an option to enable a 1Password keyboard. But while I'm willing to risk running most apps from APKMirror, no way am I giving my 1Password login credentials to this unverified download. Is there any safe way I can get a guaranteed clean APK from 1Password other than the Google Play store?

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  • @NelsonMinar I've done the same thing as you, with the new Fire 7 (9th gen). 1Password showed up fine for me and installed from my sideloaded Play Store.

  • periperi

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    Hi @NelsonMinar. 1Password is exclusively available through the Play Store, and requires Play Store services to be installed as well. We don't have it available for download through any other venues. Also, as you mentioned, I wouldn't recommend installing through a 3rd party, as we can't guarantee the security and authenticity of it unless it's downloaded through our official channels.

    I'm sorry to hear you're not able to install on your Fire tablet. However, if you have a 1Password membership, you can use make use of our web app on this device, just by signing in from your browser.

  • Thank you Timothy. I looked again and 1Password is now visible to me on the Google Play store. It offered an upgrade from my sideloaded version. I deleted the old sideloaded install and installed fresh from Google Play. Now I feel safe. I think there's something wrong with my sideloaded Google Play store, maybe some wonkiness from when I installed it. But 1Password is working fine now, so that's all that's relevant here.

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    I can't say I'm surprised that you ran into some glitches with that, since Amazon certainly doesn't design their devices for that use case, but I'm glad to heat you were able to get it working. Thanks for the update! :)

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