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I am trying to switch from an individual subscription to a family subscription. I have already stopped my iTunes subscription but no option to start 1password billing on my account is showing up. How do I switch to a family subscription?

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    Hey @cschwegler...

    In order to avoid the situation where someone would end up being double billed for their account, we currently hide features that require changes to billing when an account is subscribed via the App Store. This is due to the fact that Apple does not currently support us changing or cancelling your subscriptions for you. We are definitely looking into ways to make this better for people such as yourself, who have a good understanding how all of this works.

    In the mean time, making this switch requires contacting us in order for us to manually mark your App Store subscription cancelled in our system. This gives us that chance to confirm that you will not be double billed.

    I'll reach out to you via email shortly and we can get this done for you.


  • Hello,
    I have the same situation. I signed up for an individual account (still in trial status) but do like the application and would now like to sign up for a family account to add my wife. I canceled the individual subscription in iTunes. How do I now switch to the family subscription? Thanks

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    Hi @ZZoso! Welcome to the forum!

    We will be happy to help you with this. To avoid sharing your account information here, can you please send us an email to [email protected] so we can continue the conversation there?

    Please add the following code (including the square brackets) to the subject line of your email before sending it:


    This will link your email to our current discussion. We'll take a look and help you with this.

    Looking forward to your message!

    For anyone else reading, please note: this ID is for @ZZoso only. If you’re experiencing the same issue and need help, please ask us for your own ID.

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  • Hi

    in December I bought one year subscription, now i want to transfer my profile to get family option. My question is how i can do that and not paying extra for another subscription?

    Thanks for the help

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    Welcome to the forum, @gmaciek! Glad to hear you've been enjoying your 1Password experience enough to want to share it with your family. :) Did you subscribe in our own billing system at, or did you subscribe via the Mac App Store?

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to do the same thing.
    I have an annual individual plan subscribed through apple. I just cancelled my subscription in iTunes and need help to convert it to a family subscription.

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    @EsKAY: It's not something we can help you with here on a public forum since it involves account details, but I'll reach out to you via email to help. :)

    ref: YMI-81876-241

  • @Lars i bought subscription by your system:)

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    If you are subscribed through our system, you can convert your Individual account to a Families account by inviting a new family member using the "Invite People" link in the sidebar. You can see it after you login to your account in a browser.

    My question is how i can do that and not paying extra for another subscription?

    If you follow the instruction above, the system will automatically transfer the remaining credit, so you will just have to pay the difference for your new Families account.

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi. I am having the same problem. I have an individual account through iTunes and have cancelled it. I now need to convert it over to the Free Family Account that was provided with my 1Password Business Account.

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    Welcome to the forum, @emurr! If you've got a 1Password Families account as part of the benefits of a 1Password Business account through your employer, congratulations! As noted above, however, you'll need to get in contact with our billing support team at [email protected] to work out the details as we don't post or handle those details in this public forum.

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    And in case helps anyone else in a similar situation, a 1Password Business membership gives each user a code they can use to "link" a 1Password Families membership's billing to the business membership, so it doesn't need to be paid for separately. This will work with an existing 1Password membership account. It is not necessary to sign up for yet another (third!) 1Password membership account if you already have one for personal use in addition to the one from the company. And we can always help guide you through all of that via email. Cheers! :)

  • Hi,
    I have the same case. I canceled my individual subscription through the App Store and would like to upgrade to a family subscription :)

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    Hi @BWin1770! Welcome to the forum!

    We cannot do this here because we don't want to share personal details on a public forum, but I will send you an email shortly so we can do this over there ;)

  • Hello, I am also interested in converting my individual account to a family account. I signed up using the in-app purchase method. I have cancelled the individual subscription and would like to switch to a family account.

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    Great! We'll continue the conversation via email. :)

    ref: IRT-73459-946

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