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I am unable to add a new login to my 1P on Mac. I am using a single licensed version 6 and syncing via iCloud, and am able to add a new login via the mobile app, but that functionality is greyed out on my desktop client and in the browser extensions. Please advise.

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    @mattmoretti1 - I'm sorry for the trouble! When you say "single licensed version," did you purchase your license from us directly, or did you previously pay for 1Password via the Mac App Store? And what version do you currently have installed (version number, as well as Mac App Store or our version)? Has anything changed on your system recently? Migrating from an old Mac to a new one? Reinstalling 1Password and/or your macOS version? Anything else?

  • @Lars I believe the license was purchased through 1P directly in 2016 based on the email receipt I have. Now that I'm looking at it, my guess is the issue is that I am using 1P 7.3.1 on my Mac and my license was for 6 - could that be the cause?

    Additionally when I try to purchase the membership in V7 it says I already have a membership associated with my email address. But because I have an individual license I don't have a secret key...maybe at some point I created an "Account", however I'm not signed in to an account on any of my devices. Do I just need to delete the account associated with my email address because I don't have the secret key or emergency kit? Since I'm not signed into that account on my devices that will not actually delete any of my data, correct?

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    @mattmoretti1: Thanks for the addition info! Indeed, if you're being told that an individual account already exists under that email address, you (or someone else who share your email account with, if applicable) would have had to have signed up in the past. And if you're not using that account on any of your devices, and therefore not storing your data in it, it's safe to delete it:

    1. On the 1Password sign-in page, click “Having trouble signing in?
    2. Enter your email address and click Continue. You’ll get an email from 1Password.
    3. In the email, click “View my account”. You’ll see a list of your 1Password accounts.
    4. Click the name of the account you want to delete.
    5. Scroll down and click Delete Account.

    Follow the instructions in the email you receive to delete your account, and then you can sign up for a new one. :)

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