Top-level overview for less-tech-savvy audience?

I am on a team that works with seniors who are often tech-fearful. I love 1Password, but it is so powerful that it is hard to explain, and potentially difficult to order, install and set up. Do you you have a webinar or video or slideshow that gives an overview for people who have only recently learned the concept of a password? Hmm .. I'm seeing "1Password Lite" ....

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    Hi @TimInBC

    Thanks for taking the time to write in and for your interest in exposing less technically savvy users to good password hygiene. This has been one of our areas of focus for some time now as well, though I'm sure there is still plenty of room for improvement. :)

    One resource I might recommend would be our YouTube channel. There are some videos available there that walk through the basic concepts, such as this video that explains how to install 1Password for Mac:

    Learn 1Password for Mac: Install the app and browser extension - YouTube

    As for explaining the concept of a password manager, and why it is important, this video may be of some use:

    1Password - No More Sticky Notes - YouTube

    If there are other topics that you find are not covered we'd certainly be open to any suggestions. :+1: Thanks!


  • Thanks, good start.

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    Glad ben was able to help! :):+1:

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