Windows Hello is working for Windows Login, is enabled in 1Password, but 1Password does not use it

Windows 10. Windows Hello is working with fingerprint reader to allow me to login to Windows. In 1Password Windows app, the option 'Allow Windows Hello to unlock 1Password' is selected. I have both the 1Password extension running in Chrome, and 1Password X running in Chrome. Neither allows or invites me to unlock using my fingerprint. I want to unlock 1Password with my fingerprint, and not have to enter the Master Password everytime. How do I do this?

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  • Ok, now 30 minutes later, for reasons unknown, Windows Hello is working with 1Password extension in Chrome. IPassword X in Chrome however seems still to know nothing about Windows Hello.

  • You need to enter your master password once you first login to Windows. After unlocking 1Password once, you can unlock it via Windows Hello.

    For 1PasswordX I have the same concern too.

  • Hi @gwier001 & @Naxterra,

    1Password X is a standalone 1Password client. We initially designed it to add support for platforms such as Linux and ChromeOS, places we don't have a native client. As it is a full client in its own right but exists within the confines of a browser it can't integrate with certain Windows or macOS features such as Windows Hello or Touch ID on the Mac.

    We are working towards having 1Password X integrate with 1Password for Mac and Windows if present but we're not there just yet. Once we are though 1Password X will be able to take advantage of the access 1Password for Windows has meaning things like Windows Hello.

    We do have another extension, one I refer to as the companion extension. It's basically a dumb bridge between the browser and 1Password and it has no UI (User Interface) of its own. As a result anything related to locked or unlocked is handled by the native client. It would mean the loss of things like the inline menu though until such time 1Password X is able to talk to 1Password for Windows.

    If the convenience of unlock feels more important than the inline menu you would want to remove 1Password X and then install the companion extension which you can find on our "Downloads - 1Password" page. If you have any questions please let us know.

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