Feature request: different taskbar icon for locked / unlocked vault

Hello, I'm considering to use 1 Password as main password manager. I'm testing Windows version and Password X in Chromium Edge browser. Windows version has one main drawback for me - I'm not able to quickly recognize when the vault is locked or not. Other password managers (Keepass for example) have different "locked" and "unlocked" icon (it shows in the taskbar). Even 1 Password X has "locked" and "unlocked" icon. But desktop Windows version not. Could it be possible to show different icon when the vault is locked in desktop version too?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    I'm honestly unsure if that's possible at present, @jiri, but I'd wager it likely is. In fact, we used to do the same with older versions of 1Password. That said, I can't say it's something I often see requested. Just a guess, but I'd imagine that most folks aren't too concerned about this because if they leave their computer, they're going to lock the computer itself which not only puts access to 1Password behind your Windows password, it even locks 1Password if you have the option to lock when your computer is locked enabled. Is there a reason other than wanting to ensure 1Password is locked when you leave your PC that knowing the lock state at a glance is important to you? I'd be more than happy to pass your feedback along to the team and having a particular use-case is a huge help in demonstrating the value of a new feature. :chuffed:

  • I know that the vault is locked when I lock computer.

    But there are some situations where I want to be sure that the vault is locked. Especially at work when I leave a computer for only a single minute - I'm not locking a computer because I trust colegues and I'm back in a few moments. BUT in that situation I want to be sure that at least my vault is locked.

    And this is more important in the situation that you do not offer automatic locking regardless when the 1Password is used or not. 1Password can be automatically locked if computer is idle. This is the same functionallity as operating system has. But some passwords managers offer automatic locking after some period regardless idle state of computer - it's more strict rule, but more prevents to forget lock the vault. I personally prefer to keep my vault locked in the most of the time even when I work with computer.

    So that's my opinions, why is important to distinguish locked/unlocked vault for me.

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    @jiri: Thank you for the insights and feedback!

    We are building 1Password 7 for Windows from the ground up, so we have more Auto-lock options and customisations in mind for sure. They are just not implemented yet.

    As for your question about 1Password icon and its locked/unlocked state, I will make sure to pass your suggestion along to our team. By the way, 1Password X, which you use on your PC, already does that. See, 1Password X while it is locked:

    And unlocked:

    If you have 1Password account, you can remove 1Password 7 for Windows and use 1Password X exclusively. It works entirely in your browser, so it doesn't need to connect to a standalone app.

    Ket me know if you have other questions, we will be happy to help. Thank you! :+1:


  • Ok, good news, because I need to use 1 Password for desktop too - it helps me to fill passwords in Windows applications. And BTW: 1 Password X doesn't search inside text of Secure Notes, which is another reason to use desktop version. 1 Password X is perfect for some scenarios but not for every...
    I'm sure that adding ability to change icon when vault is locked / unlocked isn't big problem :-) (I'm developer too :-) ). Thank you for listening.

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    FYI, @jiri, you can drag and drop from 1Password X to fill in apps. I'm generally more of a keyboard gal, but this is one case in which I find mousing is a bit quicker. Obviously doesn't address the Secure Note contents bit, but one thing that might help get you a step closer to finding 1Password X adequate for everything. :chuffed:

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