Changing credit card information

I am trying to change my credit card information from my iPad. It is asking me to log into the website. How do I copy my secret key from the app to paste or auto fill into the website?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @annoyed1234123431!

    You cannot copy the Secret Key from the iOS app, but you might be able to do this another way. Can I ask you where your Emergency Kit is stored?

  • Not sure why I am unable to copy my secret key. Isn’t that the purpose of the app to allow for the storage and quick retrieval of passwords and secret keys? I assume the workaround is to save it as a separate login item.

    If I must I will write the code down on a piece of paper to fill into the website.

    My emergency kit is printed on a piece of paper and stored at an offsite location.

  • HenryHenry

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    Hi @annoyed1234123431, when you created your 1Password account, it came with an auto-generated item called 1Password Account: [your name]. You can find your account credentials there, including your Secret Key, and you can copy them as needed to paste into in your browser. Try searching for 1Password Account, and look in the new Trash section if you can't find it.

    Our developers are aware of the request to copy your Secret Key from within 1Password > Settings > Accounts. Thank you for the feedback there. :)

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