IPad Requires Separate Subscription

I signed up for a 1Password account through the 1Password website. It says it supports iOS, as well as unlimited devices. I have set this up on my iPhone, my Mac, and my Windows PC without issue. Now I’m trying to install on my iPad, and it says it requires a separate subscription that’s billed through iTunes. Is this correct? Why do I need to pay two subscriptions when it says I get iOS devices from the subscription I purchased?


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @IcyBlueRose!

    No that's not correct, you do not need a separate subscription to use 1Password on your iPad. When you launch 1Password on this device, please select the 1Password.com option in the first window, and enter your existing account information there, the same way you did on all your other devices, and you will activate 1Password on this iPad without having to activate a second subscription :)

  • @ag_ana I figured out the problem. My iOS version on my iPad was behind. Therefore, the option to download 1Password did not exist in the App Store, and the only thing I had the option to obtain was a subscription, not the application itself. I updated my iOS and now the app is visible for me. So there’s a scenario that might help you if future customers encounter a similar issue.

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    @IcyBlueRose: Thanks for letting us know! Just to be sure, check that you're not paying for an extra subscription you don't need through the App Store:


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