secret key field is not accepting lowercase letters

I am trying to login to The secret key field is not accepting lowercase letters. The other fields accept both upper and lowercase characters, but the secret key field types everything in CAPS no matter how you set caps lock or shift. My secret key contains a lowercase letter so I need to make this work.

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  • In addition - this issue happens no matter which browser I use. I also had a friend try on his computer and the result is the same. This also happens when I try to enter the secret key directly into the desktop app. This field is for some reason not permitting lowercase letters.

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    @BugsysDad: Indeed, a Secret Key is not case sensitive, and in our materials is always shown as all caps:

    So if you're going by something like your 1Password account's Emergency Kit, any letters will be capitalized.

    But if you wrote it down yourself, or if you are looking at a license key for a specific version of the 1Password app instead, that may be the source of confusion. Did you sign up for a 1Password membership recently?

  • Thank you - however I tried many times and it keeps telling me "invalid secret key"! I checked it over and over and I am in fact entering it correctly. What do I do now???

  • No - I did not sign up recently. I have been a member for quite sometime now.

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    @BugsysDad: The only reason I can think of that it would actually say "invalid Secret Key" is if what you're entering is not even in the correct format. An actual Secret Key will, as in the screenshot above, start with the version, A3-, continue with a non-secret six character verifier, like R69SQK, and then continue with a completely random code that is unique to your account, in the same format as above. If what you're entering doesn't look like the example, just with different characters, it's probably not a Secret Key -- or at least not a whole one. Neither we nor the 1Password server know your actual Secret Key, so the only way it can know if it's wrong is if it's not even the correct format to be one.

    If you've been using a 1Password account for a while, probably the best thing to do is go to one of your other devices where you're already signed in and get your (complete) Secret Key from there:

    Find your Secret Key or Setup Code

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Thank you. I’ve done this many times in the past. I know I am entering the correct secret key and it is in the correct format. At this point I really have no choice but to cancel my subscription.

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    @BugsysDad: are you typing the Secret Key manually or are you copying and pasting it from somewhere else? For example, your Emergency Kit or your 1Password app?

  • Manually.

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    @BugsysDad: Thanks! Since we can't discuss account information here in a public forum, I'll shoot you an email here shortly so we can go into more detail to figure out where you're getting stuck.

    ref: BJK-14483-195

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