Feature Request: sort by Frequency Used, like in desktop 1Password

I have a number of websites where there are multiple login option, but one primary one I use. The sort order - alphabetical I think - that 1PasswordX uses is less than ideal. I would prefer to have it sort by Frequency Used, like I can choose in the desktop version of 1Password. Thank you.

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  • Hi @pquimo,

    Could flagging specific Login items as favourites help here? 1Password X will bubble favourites to the top of the list. I appreciate it isn't quite what you asked for but it would allow you to control what appears first.

  • I never knew about favorites. I just tested that out, and it works great, thank you. Long term, I think the sort option would be nice too, but that is a great, immediate fix. Thank you very much!

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    I'm glad to hear you saw some improvement when utilizing the Favorites feature! As for the ability to sort by frequency used, I've passed your request along to the rest of my team. :)

    ref: x/b5x#1099

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