I intentionally dislike the Master Password! :(

Hello folks,

Well, the topic says is already, I am not a fan of entering my master password every time I boot up my PC or Mac.
I guess I already know the answer as I made use of the search function, and basically the answer is, 1Password is not for you if you're lazy AF.

What is my reason to use a password manager?
Well it's both, security but mostly laziness, I don't want to remember nor enter passwords ever again, including the dang master password. A password manager basically uses my laziness to make me more secure as I use suggested strong password which I don't have to; dream up myself as there're suggested to me, I don't have to remember them and I don't have to enter them, all great for my chronic laziness.

However, entering my long AF master password is sooooooooooo..... annoying, especially when you have to enter it the first time after a reboot, just wanting to login to some website which you don't have to enter a password for, just to "discover" that you have to enter your beloved master password first. :( All my joy is down the toilet.

My full story, I recently switched over from LastPass to 1Password, the reason was mainly that LastPass wanted me to login on my Pixel 3 all the time, password here, password there, but I was able to select "Remember Password" for the Chrome extension. Once a month I had to re authenticate 2FA via the LastPass push 2FA where I can simply press "approve" on my phone, awesome, simples, please copy that!

So I tried 1Password, first on the phone only, and yay, fingerprint all the way, no stupid master password even after rebooting the phone, which is something you almost never do anyway. So I went ahead and installed 1Password everywhere, my iMac, my Windows PC, all my Chrome browser, you name it. Fell in love with the UI and the authenticator code integration, so much greatness. Was initially annoyed by the master passwords, but I could disable auto lock, so far so good.

Now, when I am at work, I shut down my PC at home, when I leave work I shut down my iMac, coming back to either and I have to reenter the long AF master password which I try to avoid at all costs, even worse, 1Password X does not communicate to my chrome extension... master pass word twice it is, and yes I have seen the suggestion to the old app dependent extension, but no, just no.
And don't get me started with the missing inline autofill in safari 12 which I have to use at work, just saying, the competition can do that in safari, so what's the hold up?

By now I have committed to 1Password, but sadly the devices I do shut down once a day require the damn master password, and the one device that basically never shuts down or reboots is fine without reentering the master password. :/
Basically I have to choose which password manager bothers me the least as non of the current offering is great everywhere.
I have chosen 1Password, which I have to pay for, over the free tier of LastPass, so that might tell you something. But I hope you guys work out how to simplify the login, everywhere. Users choice to not be "that" secure on personal super trustworthy devices?!? Please! Pretty please!

There must be a better way, a security key, USB or Bluetooth, setting up a PIN instead of using the master password, biometrics, trusted devices which keep it unlocked or whatnot, but something to make it easier and faster to unlock the vault. I have no problem to purchase hardware to stay secure and have an easy way to login.
My current favorite is push 2FA, unlock with master password once, enable push 2FA, never have to enter the master password ever again, just getting the push 2FA on your phone, could be handled by the 1Password app or a separate authentication app, secure and easy.

I get it, security is important, but if it's a hassle, you (I) won't use it.


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    We are working towards further minimizing how often you need to enter your Master Password, @MiLeX, but I can't promise you'll never need it at all. I have to admit I personally have some mixed feelings about allowing any options to never use your Master Password, but we do already allow unlocking exclusively with Touch ID on iOS and I believe on Touch ID enabled Macs as well, so it's certainly possible we'll go that direction with Windows Hello on PC as well. I can't say when these changes will available (or whether they'll allow you to avoid your Master Password completely), but it is on our radar for sure.

    On Mac, as I mentioned, we already support Touch ID unlocking (even after reboot) if your Mac supports Touch ID. I'm a Windows gal myself, so I don't know for certain how much of the Mac market that covers, but it doesn't seem like their desktop computers (including the iMac) have Touch ID support. Given that, I don't see anything changing on the Mac side any time soon absent Apple introducing Touch ID for more devices, but I will certainly pass your feedback about that 2FA mechanism to the team.

    I think you'll find 1Password moves in the direction you want in the future. It may not be exactly what you want or as quick as you'd like, but you're not alone in your loathing for typing and we hear y'all. With that said, promise me you won't forget your Master Password? I know, it's annoying to type, but if you forget it, we don't know it, we can't reset it for you, and your data is locked down forever unless you can guess it. I hate delivering that news to our customers and I've had to do so far more times than I'd like. As a fellow lazy person, you have my sympathies, but if you can find it in you to embrace your Master Password at least a little bit, it might save your butt one day. And if you can't, well, jot it down somewhere safe okay? We all have different threat models and it's totally reasonable to have your own security threshold, but you do need to remember your Master Password, so whatever you need to do in order to make that happen is ultimately a good thing. :chuffed:

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