Can 1Password be used for getting to Gmail?

I am trying to set up 1Password with my GMail credentials so that I can sign on. 1Password will fill in the user id but will not fill in the password. Can anyone help?

1Password Version: 7.3.1
Extension Version: 7.3.1
OS Version: OS X 10.14.6
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @dpkavanaugh

    We can absolutely help with that. I use 1Password to log in to my Google / Gmail accounts quite regularly, so it is definitely possible. To troubleshoot the problem you're having I'd recommend saving a new Login item for Gmail using the browser extension:

    Sign in to websites with username and password split across multiple pages

    Please let me know if the new item works better.


  • I tried your suggestion and created a new logon in 1Password after I had entered the user id and password but had not logged on. I used the new logon and it still will only fill in the user id but not the password.

  • Hello @dpkavanaugh,

    Can I just confirm something please. After you proceed to the stage where Google ask for your password are you expecting it to automatically fill or are you saying 1Password isn't filling the field after you tell it to fill the now visible password field?

    So for example, if you like to use the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ to fill you would use ⌘\ to fill the email address field, click next and then you would need to use ⌘\ again. If you like to click on the URL in a Login item, what we refer to as open-and-fill it would mean either using the keyboard shortcut on the stage with the password field or clicking the 1Password button in the browser toolbar and selecting your Google Login item here.

  • I was expecting it to automatically fill the password field. It automatically fills the user id field and then proceeds to the password screen but stops at that point. If I click on the 1password extension icon and choose AUTOFILL it will then fill in the password. I have people who are challenged when it comes to tech and I was hoping I could do the sign on in ONE step instead of TWO.

  • Hello @dpkavanaugh,

    So we do want to improve here and there is an option you may be interested in. We have a second extension, one we call 1Password X. It's designed as a standalone extension so it can only work with a 1Password account but in situations like this once you move to the second stage and focus is placed on the password field it would fill it automatically. If this is something you'd like to try you can learn more about 1Password X on our support page Get to know 1Password X. Why is it different to 1Password for Mac with the companion extension? 1Password for Mac's filling is stateless, it does not attempt to remember what it did before and it only ever fills when instructed to. It worked well for many a year but 1Password X is trying to build on top of that. If it only fills a username field and then finds a password field is available it works on the assumption this is a multi-stage sign-in process and tries to be helpful.

    If 1Password X is something you want to try then for now it would mean either Firefox, Chrome or any Chromium based browser. We are looking at bringing the power of 1Password X to Safari but for the early development we focused on Chrome until the brand new client had matured a bit. If you are a Safari person then for now it will mean each page you wish 1Password to fill you need to instruct it to do so.

  • I would be interested but we are MAC users and prefer Safari to other browsers. Right now I will just settle for a TWO stage fill of the user id and password and eagerly await 1Password X for the MAC.

  • Hi @dpkavanaugh,

    and I completely understand user preference when it comes to a browser. Moving browsers can be a pain in the rear and there has to be good justification for doing so. Hopefully we can bring all the nice features of 1Password X to Safari sometime soon!

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