Feature request: show password as a sequence of characters, indicating the index for each character

I know we can select a password and show it in large type, but I'd also like to show it as a sequence of characters and their index.

Certain sites, banks mainly, do not request passwords, but 5th, 8th and 13th characters for example. When we create a large secure password in 1password, it's a pain to have to count along to character 13 to find out the answer.

Could you make that easier? Perhaps offering a feature similar to show password, but each character as an index.

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  • Hi @bjc,

    The large type view includes an index for this very purpose :smile: you should see the index just below each character.

  • Oh, I mostly use iOS and web app, and I’m not seeing that feature there. Thanks for replying though

  • Hi @bjc,

    So I'd more been thinking about 1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows so that explains some of the discrepancy we're seeing. I couldn't confidently say how 1Password for iOS or our web interface did things so after a quick check I see that 1Password for iOS is the exception. It does have a large type option, accessible by a tap and hold on the password field but while it does share the use of colour to distinguish the group each character belongs to i.e. to help distinguish between a lower case L, upper case i or the digit 1, it doesn't have the index. I suspect this may be to accommodate the much smaller screen and possibly other iOS differences - I don't know for sure. The web interface for a 1Password account though, the large type there does include the index just like on 1Password for Mac and Windows.

    I know we must have considered the omission of the index in 1Password for iOS because one of the driving motivations behind large type at all was for this scenario. It could be something we could look at again but it may be the designers come to the same conclusion, that for whatever reason it's impractical to have large type be an exact match to the other clients.

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