This is very confusing

The "contact us" link in the one password help menu leads to the wrong site. It leads to, and even though it says "forums" it is obviously not these forums, which have the URL of

This is very confusing! I had to find a Web Internet location on my hard drive from where I had posted to these forms before in order to find the correct place to post a question.


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    Sorry about that. It does, though, sound like you might have an older version of 1Password installed. Please click 1Password > Check for Updates to make sure you have the latest version. It should take you to the new 1Password for Mac support site we're trying out right now.

    You'll get a response from us whether you post there or here.
  • Thanks for the reply, I did need an update. Unfortunately, the Support Forum command under the Help menu still takes me to the old(?) forum.

    I know that this issue can't be resolved here, so please take this as a suggestion for future releases.
  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    Thank you! We'll get this sorted out soon.
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