how to use 1password in each supported browser?


One of the main reasons I registered 1password was so that I could use it on multiple browsers. However, each browser seems to have its own method of accessing one password. Safari has a little icon in the toolbar, Firefox has a menu item, etc. Is there a page that explains how to use 1password in each of the supported browsers? I could not find this in 1password help.


  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator
    Depends a touch on which version of 1PW and OS X you re using. My Firefox (7, 1PW 3.8.5, Snow Leopard) shows a toolbar icon, not a menu item.
  • brentybrenty

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    danco is correct, Cybernettr: With things changing so rapidly in the browser landscape, we have been working hard to keep up with each new release, made many significant changes, and the documentation hasn't quite caught up yet. If you let me know what OS, browser, 1Password, and extension versions you are using, I will be happy to help you in any way that I can. If you have specific questions about how to use it, we're here for you. :)
  • Thanks, I have several Mac browsers, but the ones I use most are Safari (Im pretty clear on that one) Firefox 3.6.22, Firefox (latest version), Rockmelt 0.9, Camino 1.0.2 and Opera 11.
  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    The latest version of 1Password's browser extension supports Safari 5.1, Firefox 6+, and Chrome.

    For Firefox 3.6.x and Rockmelt support, you can try installing the old extension:

    Camino and Opera are not supported.

    I hope that helps!
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