How do I save business cards?

How do I save business cards?


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    I wonder if you could elaborate a little for me please as to what you're hoping to do. 1Password has an Identities category but its really aimed at storing your details, the intent being if a site needs you to fill your physical address then you can fill with your Identity item. With something like business cards I'm assuming an address book application such as Contacts would be a better bet unless these are details that are sensitive and must be encrypted.

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    @mrovery 1Password is as above, amazing for YOU and Personal stuff, Work business cards an app like Haystack is what I use and it's great, you take a photo of the business card and it auto imports and backs it up to your database :) try it out.

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    Thank you for the tip @Zaka_7! I think that this type of information does fit better into a contacts app than a password manager :)

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