Can't you provide a scroll-able title panel?

netdoctornetdoctor Junior Member

Browser integration is unusable when you have long titles that you would like be able to view to select the right login. I have multiple accounts on many services and no scrolling (left to right) makes using the browser integration almost worthless. It is a terrible UI flaw. Waiting for a mouse over title is very slow.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @netdoctor

    Thank you for taking the time to write with this request. I'd like to learn a little more about your workflow so I can better understand the need for something like this. I can't say I've heard any other requests of this nature. Do you have a lot of items that have particularly long titles? Have you considered putting the differentiating information about the login at the beginning of the title, instead of at the end? What sort of information do you store in the title?

    Please let me know. :)


  • netdoctornetdoctor Junior Member

    I have many entries that are host > service -> account name for example. So searching for host, pulls up a list where the details are now obscured (service, account). Same goes for multiple logins to a cloud service (I might have 20) for example. This is not an issue in the full client. Just since the transition to the new browser integration clients.

  • Hi @netdoctor,

    My understanding is getting the size of the window just right or making it dynamic or user adjustable all have a number of technical limitations. Obscured titles aren't great either but so far we haven't settled on what would be better without impacting other areas.

    While I don't enjoy suggesting it, pruning these titles probably will help. All the clients, 1Password X included will search the website field so you don't need the host in the title. The clients will also display the username alongside the title so it too could be removed as the clients also consider the username field when searching. If you find there are still additional details you need in the title the order they are listed can also make a big difference, place the unique identifier first and then anything else you wish to add.

    I also appreciate there may be a scenario I'm forgetting to consider so if you feel I have missed something please do let us know. A working example may help us understand your predicament as well if you feel we're not getting it.

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