1Password X extension for Firefox in Linux issue

1Password popup menu disappears immediatelly when inviked from toolbar. It's a know issue in other password manager extensions I know. I opened similar ticket in Roboform support.
The behaviour and issue is explained in next URLs.
For Bitwarden is an workaround - Shift + Alt + U opens it menu is sidebar, when issue is only when extension is opened from toolbar.
Good to have same for 1Password.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.15.3
OS Version: RHEL 7.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Greetings @PavelAlex,

    Even without following the links I believe I know the background, just the keyword ibus was enough to bring back certain memories. Until the root cause is addressed I believe the recommendations we've made in the past still apply. Those recommendations can be found on the moderately long thread Lock screen issue: 1Password X for Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04 🐛⚠️. Could any of those workarounds work for you?

  • Hi. Because i use FF in RHEL, only last (#4) works. Added as bookmark. Thx

  • I'm glad there was at least one usable option. I really hope we can see the end to all of this at some point. If we were doing or using something that was known to be fragile I'd be hoping we could do better but as best I can tell we're not doing anything out of the ordinary. Fingers crossed for the future!

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