Problems with 2 macs (one SL/one Lion) + iphone

I have used 1Password successfully for months. I just got a new Mac Pro which runs Lion. I decided to keep using Snow Leopard on my laptop. I bought the new version of 1Password for Lion and set it up with new 'high password' for that computer. One day I syncronized my iphone to the new computer without thinking what problems I might cause when next my iphone and laptop were to sync. Now I don't know what my 'high password' is. Is it the 'high password' for the computer it last sync'ed with or the lastest version or something else. Can't seem to get the iphone to work and will probably have to start over and sync.

Should I change the 'high password' to the same on both computers? Should I just upgrade to Lion for both computers? Its a mess.

I wish that 1Password was able to make better sense of dialog boxes when we are forced to change or update passwords. Gmail just forced me to change passwords. I used 1Password to generate the password, hit FILL, then two lines of dots appear on the lines for the new password, but I have NO WAY to take the generated password and paste it into the established sign on account.


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    Hey there, r4man2 (is that a Star Wars reference?) -- welcome to the forums! :)

    I am sorry for the trouble. This sounds like two separate issues.

    Regarding Master Passwords: These are set on a per-device/per-keychain basis. 1Password on your iPhone can have a different Master Password from 1Password on your Mac, for instance (although you could certainly change them to be identical). For this reason, Dropbox Sync setup prompts specify what credentials it is looking for at each step (i.e. Master Password for iPhone, Dropbox login, Master Password for data file stored in Dropbox -- from your Mac -- etc.)

    You absolutely don't need to upgrade to Lion if you do not wish to. You can change your Master Password instead if you want them to all be the same: Settings > Security > Change Master Password on iOS; Preferences > Security > Change Master Password on OS X.

    Regarding updating passwords on websites: Currently our new extensions don't have this feature, but we are working on it. What you can do in the mean time is this:
    1. Enter your current password on a password change form
    2. Click the 1P button to bring up the 1Password extension
    3. Select the circular Password Generator tab on the left
    4. Choose the settings to generate a unique password for the site
    5. Highlight it and copy it to the clipboard
    6. Click the Fill button and submit the new password
    7. Bring up the 1Password menu again, click the (>) arrow to the right of your Login item, click Edit in the upper right, and then paste the new password you just generated and Save the Login item.

    You can also find the generated password by returning to the Password Generator and selecting Password History, or in the main 1Password application under the Generated Passwords sidebar (Preferences > General > Show in Sidebar) and update the Login item accordingly. I apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to add better support for this in a future update.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. :)
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