Keeping an off-computer back up

I had been thinking idly for a while that storing my strong generated passwords in a program on my computer was not exactly the best idea in case of a fried hard drive, particularly since I live in an ongoing disaster zone. This morning I had a brief crash that forced it closer to the front of my mind (well, back of my mind, but such sayings aren't exactly literal). I do have an external drive that is plugged into my computer a lot of the time since it has my video editing files on it, so right now I have 1Password copied onto it. Unfortunately it plugs into my only spare USB port so I can't have it in all the time.

Is there an easy way to have 1Password on both the external and my computer, and for new log ins etc to be saved to both? Or would I be better off simply using it on my computer and backing it up regularly?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi there,

    I would recommend using 1Password on your computer and then backing up regularly with a utility such as Time Machine. You may also want to consider some "off site" backup solution (such as Dropbox provides) if you are in a disaster zone.

    Food for thought: if your computer doesn't survive the natural disaster, it is highly unlikely that your external hard drive will either. ;)

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