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  • I was under the impression I have been running 1Password 7 for the past year or so - I tried to keep it updated because I enjoy what your software does for me- and it was easy to use - on my phone and iPad as well as the Mac book - all sync - nice and cozy - and then my fatal flaw - thinking 1Password was upgraded from 7 to 7.3 - all heck breaks lose - cannot access my old vault - cannot get my old system back - had to sign up for a 'free trial' to be able to get my old vault - now everything seems so much more complicated and honestly, to a disabled Vietnam Vet on a limited income, possibly too expensive. Is it worth $49.00 - I am sure it is an even better of a deal as the $24.99 price I paid in 2013 - but how long will that license last and what will be the cost then?
    Shame on me for not updating my email address with you when I was notified it would no longer be valid after June 1st - No emergency kit could be found - now I am running a mix match of two 1Password programs I think. Unfortunately, I do not have enough computer savvy to be able to get things straightened out without 1Password tech support, like you are offering here on the forum.
    How can I find out what I am or was running? Am I now using the 7.3 for the free trial? Can I return to my last used 1Password program?

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    @Edbonse: Thanks for getting in touch! I'm sorry for the confusion there. 1Password 7 (the app) and a 1Password membership (an account) are not the same thing or dependent on one another. You can have one without the other. We generally recommend 1Password membership because it includes all versions of 1Password, but the 1Password apps have always been able to be used without a membership account, as those didn't even exist until a few years ago. Unless you'd signed up for a 1Password membership subscription since then, you would not have an account at all -- no Emergency Kit, Secret Key, Sign In Address, etc. You'd just be using whichever specific 1Password version you paid for.

    I'm not sure we can determine for you what you were using on your device in the past. You'd really be the only one in a position to know that. But it may not matter. You'd have received an email receipt for whatever you purchased, regardless of where or when that was. So that might get you your answer right there. But if you'll shoot us an email at [email protected] we can help too. :)

  • Confusion continues - Attached is my receipts from 2013 - it is not my desire to have to pay a monthly fee for something I thought I had paid a fee for a license and have been using for 6 years - I understand the need for support - and upgrades, but I am disappointed, but not surprised, that Dave Teare decided to go to a monthly fee, and not allow his long term customers, who helped him grow, a chance for on going support out of their early trust and loyalty. However, it seems he is following the trend in the IT/software industry - why just charge a fee and support what you built ,when you can get a nice cash flow by auto billing every month. Apple does it, Microsoft does it - it is a money making opportunity - I am not sure if I have what I had any longer - In order to go with any 1Password, your FAQ's said if I wanted to have my 1Password live, I was told I had to go ahead and sign up for the monthly fee. Thus I am not sure what I have and what I am allowed to have after the dreaded mistake to think 1Password was offering a 7.3 - not a new license. I have done as you directed an sent an email to sales so I can see what this whole fiasco is going to cost me as I do not have an emergency kit, my old email is discontinued and you no longer assist original 1Password clients with support or assistance. I am now being asked to verify my email and provide a credit card to keep what I have been given access to.

  • Hello @Edbonse,

    If you've written in to us then it will be best to leave the details specific to your situation for that conversation but there are some general misconceptions that I would like to address.

    Anybody that either purchased a licence directly from 1Password or purchased via the Mac App Store purchased a specific version. All that was promised were minor updates to that version and no guarantee was made in terms of major updates i.e. 4 to 5, 5 to 6 and so on. Any existing licence remains valid for that version of 1Password, the introduction of a new major version does not alter this. While development on earlier versions has ceased we continue to provide support where possible. We still respond to users running 1Password 3 for Mac. The assertion that we no longer assist original 1Password users is simply not true.

    1Password 7 is a paid update, our first since 1Password 4 was released. 1Password 7 can be used either with an active 1Password account (the subscription service you referred to) or a new licence can be purchased. It is still possible to use standalone vaults with a licence, the 1Password account is not an absolute requirement. Yes we do favour the 1Password account option because we believe for the typical user the benefits are worth it. The 1Password account amongst many things is designed to remove the frustration that can come with syncing with a third party service and relieves the user of worrying about backups. Any veteran in 1Password support will have responded to at least one person who has written in to say they can no longer access 1Password on the only device they used and there is no backup. For those people their data is gone, with a 1Password account our server is the authoritative source for their encrypted data, lessening the impact if the sole device is lost or breaks.

    If you were to purchase a new 1Password 7 licence you will be guaranteed any updates to 1Password 7. I cannot make any promises towards 1Password 8 either in when it might appear or if it will be a paid update like 1Password 7 is. I cannot even say if 1Password 8 will continue to support licences. I'm not saying it won't, I'm saying that is the future and we have made no official statements either way that I can point you to. If you have emailed in I'm sure all of this will be covered as we explore your options.

    Developing and supporting something like 1Password has a large number of ongoing costs. Six years worth of usage for $25 USD is insanely good value for money by which I mean I doubt its feasible to maintain that kind of record or even close to it. 1Password is privately owned so there is no outside funding to paper over running a loss in a bid to increase market share. If users want 1Password to keep ticking it will mean either paying for a new licence every so often or if they like what a 1Password account adds then going down the path of the subscription model.

  • Little Bobby Tables - I am not complaining at all about the quality of the product I purchased - back then Dave Teare was emphatic about supporting his product. Yes it was a good deal then - and the service and support was fantastic! All I am looking for is assistance in getting back what I had - then I will make a decision to purchase a license or a a membership. It seems that the only thing I have run into from 1Password for assistance is the request a credit card - Apparently that is the only way I can recover all that I lost - if anyone has the knowledge base to help a longtime 1Password Mac user, I would appreciate any assistance - the problems I have had with my financial accounts today alone trying to access the first of the month statements tells me I am screwed royally and there is not agreement that I can even recover the old passwords if I paid the $50. Any one have a step by step guide to restore the old - when you have an outdated email address on your account? The old address is not active and no one in this forum has offered a way to access and update my profile- most software service allows you to at least update your profile, but my profile is not available to even myself - with an in active email - any assistance would be appreciated from the forum - there seems none to be available form the company -

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    Note that you are able to login to a 1Password account even if the email address you used to create it does not exist anymore. If you know your email address, Secret Key and Master Password, you will be able to login and get your data, even without entering your credit card.

    So my question to you is: what happens exactly when you try to login?

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    @Edbonse: To be clear, you would only have a 1Password account if you'd signed up for a membership subscription. If you haven't done that, there's no account for you to sign into to use 1Password. But if you mean that you are signed in this support forum using an email address you no longer have access to, while that doesn't have any bearing on your ability to use 1Password, that's totally something we can help with too. It isn't clear from your comments exactly what you're trying to do at this point, but if you'll shoot me an email -- just mention me by name, "brenty" -- at [email protected] with the details of your goal and where you're getting stuck trying to achieve it, I'm sure I can help you get sorted. :)

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