Feature Request - Column Views

This issue is related to the columns shown in the Traditional Layout.

#1) I'd like to have a way to set a default set of columns that would show in the order I select

#2) I'd like to be able to size the columns wider than the current hard-coded (?) maximum

#3) I'd love to have the option of displaying columns for username, password, and any user-defined fields

in regards to #1, when I'm in a particular folder, or vault category, or label, or search results, I get a default set of columns. This appears to be set in 1Password, probably based upon what a designer has decided is a good representation for a generic user. Especially because I'm in the midst of re-organizing over 250 imported items (from Web Confidential), I have many folders, new labels and of course, the Vault items.

I've got a preferred selection of columns, in my preferred order, which work fine for me. However, I have to set this explicitly in each of the different containers listed above. Also, I don't seem to be able to set the default for the search results. So, either I haven't found where to set a default, or am not given the option.

in regards to #2, two of the columns I currently like to see in every view are Folder & Tag. I can add these, limited to the restrictions expressed in #1, but can only widen them to a certain limit. I've tried using the standard modifier keys: option, command, control, shift - none of these seem to allow me to override this limit.

I've got big monitors everywhere, with plenty of screen space to support wide columns. Since I'm in the process of re-organizing, seeing lists of this information is extremely useful.

in regards to #3, I create a new field, with a Field Name of Email, and a Field Value of my associated email address. Unfortunately, I'm juggling almost 10 different email addresses in my accumulated 1Password items! (sweat) I'd also suggest that this would/could/should be a "standard" field, just like Username and Password. For me, in many cases, my username is not my email address, although in many other accounts it is.

It would be extremely useful to be able to display these in a column, alongside the Title column, so I can quickly scan and see which on which accounts I've updated my email address, and which are still pending. For similar functionality, it would be great to have the username and password displayed in these list views, if a user so desires (and I certainly do <img class=" /> ).

I suspect that these three Column View requests would be relatively easy to implement - but then of course I'm only speaking as a user, and not a programmer.



  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I can see how these improvements would be useful. I can't promise that we'll be able to implement them, but we love hearing how our customers are using 1Password and learning what we can do to make it even better.
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