Provide option to generate complex password with 1Password X that isn't going to be saved in vault

Currently, 1Password X doesn't have any ad-hoc functionality that would let someone generate a complex password for something that they don't want to save to their own 1Password vault, but rather are generating for a use outside of those that are relevant to 1Password.

Take the following example: I run a web-based system that has user accounts. And in the administrative interface, I'm creating a new user, and I want to set the new user's initial password to something sufficiently complex. Logically, I want to use 1Password to do that. But there's nothing that lets me do that in an easy way.

If the new-password field is recognized by 1Password, then I can click the overlay icon, navigate to the "Generate Password" option, and a password gets suggested to me in the pop-up. But there's no option to copy that password, meaning I don't get access to it so that I can send it to the user in some manner. And once I let 1Password fill the field in with the newly-generated password, the only option after that is to save it in 1Password — which isn't what I want to do, it's not my password and I don't want to save it in my vault. And since the password fields are (99% of the time) "password"-type inputs, I also can't copy the value out of the field after 1Password X fills it in. And finally, the password doesn't show up in a list of "recently-generated" passwords at all. So I'm totally out of luck.

And then if the password fields aren't recognized by 1Password X, then I have nothing at all I can do — the 1Password X toolbar icon doesn't give me any option to generate a new password.

It'd be REALLY nice to be able to use 1Password's complex-password-generation mechanisms for uses like this.

1Password Version: 7.3.2-BETA-2 (70302002)
Extension Version: iPassword X 1.16.6
OS Version: macOS 10.14.6
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @delfuego,

    It isn't exactly what you're after but as you're in a Mac and you have 1Password for Mac installed you could use the password generator that resides in 1Password mini. Here's the workflow I'm imagining.

    1. In your browser use the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘\ or click the 1Password icon in the macOS menu bar at the top of the screen.
    2. Ignore 1Password complaining you need to install the extension, use the keyboard shortcut ⌘N to access the password generator.
    3. The Save & Copy will copy the password into the macOS clipboard.

    Now those steps will still leave a trail in the form of a Password item and you'll probably want to clean these up so the ones you don't care about don't potentially drown out the ones you would need to keep and locate but I think it's a step nearer to what you're after.

    I don't foresee a time where 1Password doesn't store a record, the scenarios where a password isn't needed beyond the lifespan of the operating system's clipboard are too niche compared to ensuring every user has a safety net should they need it. Any time we add any kind of new behaviour we have to ask ourselves could it used in a way we didn't intend and what would the consequences be. I personally couldn't get behind allowing the generation of complex passwords without a safety net. I may not have needed that net myself but I don't want 1Password accidentally locking people out of their own accounts and the downside doesn't seem to balance well with the potential gains. I just don't want to give you false expectations because I would be quite surprised if we considered this.

  • This seems good — but the "whether 1Password saves the login" issue is far less important to me than the "1Password X doesn't have any way to copy a generated password to the clipboard" issue.

    So if we can agree that the workaround above is fine for now, can we also agree that there's a big feature request here in having some UI option in 1Password X to copy the generated password to the clipboard?

  • (Also, can I say that I literally had no idea that ⌘N accessed the password generator in 1Password Mini? Like, none. Mind blown.)

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @delfuego – I do see where you're coming from, although I'd have to disagree with your statement of "1Password X doesn't have any way to copy a generated password to the clipboard." 1Password X definitely has a way to copy a generated password to the clipboard. To do that, you can click the 1Password icon in your browser toolbar and either click the + button, then click Password Generator, or use the ⌘G keyboard shortcut with the 1Password X popup open. You've got a copy button right there that will copy the generated to your clipboard as well as save the password in your password generator history. If you don't want the item stored in your generator history, you can select to remove it. If you need help with that, just let me know!

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