How do we manage trash items from the web UI?

From the web UI we can create vaults, modify permissions, create users, modify billing information, delete the organisation entirely, and do everything it seems except delete items from the trash.

  1. Can trash items be deleted via the web ui? If so, how?
  2. Can individual trash items be deleted? Even in the desktop application it appears that you can either delete all trash items, or none.
  3. Can trash items be set to expire after X days?
  4. Can different vaults have different trash lifecycle times set?
  5. Can limits be set on old passwords? Where an entry has had the password changed several times it would be good to only store the previous X entries, or expire old items based on a lifecycle time policy.

Using the desktop application for this one very important task feels unacceptable; especially for those who use OS's you don't support the desktop application on. It also feels a bit wrong that an entire organisation can be deleted from the web ui, but not old trash entries which can be assumed are no longer required.

This post is rapidly becoming a feature request, but these features are quite important for some businesses in their requirements for password management and compliance with frameworks like ISM or NIST.

I searched for other trash related items, but none of the previous posts were relevant to web or teams use.



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  • Greetings @cdsphil (Phil),

    Each vault maintains its own Trash so from within the vault view you should find Trash listed at the bottom of the lefthand sidebar. From there you can restore individual items or empty the Trash. Like the clients though, the web interface only allows the entire trash to be emptied.

    As for the rest, 1Password's current behaviour means the answer is no to all of them, it is currently not possible to delete individual items from the Trash, there is no way to set an expiry time on Trashed items or a way to limit how many old passwords an individual Login stores. The ability to delete individual items from the Trash is a request I've seen a couple of times. We haven't seen huge demands for it but it certainly has a small following.

    Not that I want to dissuade use of our support forum but given how specific your query is I wonder if it might be better to reach out to our business focussed team at [email protected]. It is possible there are some enterprise specific options I'm unaware of and at the very least your questions may help them shape what they see as the next set of features needed by businesses.

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