How to get rid of the "Reused password" orange prompt ?


I've had 1 password for years, and, like others, am a bit shocked at the fact I had a licence for life, but now need a susbcription... I do like the product and want to support the team, so I went to try 1 password 7...

Look and feel, okay, looks better for sure... Except not, because I get this orange bar saying "reused password" almost wherever I go...

How do I get rid of this thing ? I do have a basic password I use for simple sites and I'm not about to change it. I don't want to have a super tight security vault, just a good place to keep my passwords. I assumed the team would know that a lot of users are in my case, and that the software is used primarely as a smart storing unit... the unique passwords, etc... are not appealing to everyone...

Simple as : I won't upgrade and pay monthly for a product that gives me the constant experience of an orange bar at the top... I'll stay on 1P6, or so something else... I read there was no fix for this. Seriously ?

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mojave
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @debauchez,

    So 1Password 7 still supports licences but it would be a new licence, a licence purchased between 1Password 4-6 won't work with 1Password 7. While the licence you have will always be available to you it never came with free updates for life. You may have already known that, I only mention it because we have seen confusion. While 1Password 5 and 6 were free updates to anybody with a valid 1Password 4 licence we've only ever promised minor updates, anything that wasn't a major version bump e.g. 4 to 5.

    I'm afraid we're never going to accommodate password reuse, it's exactly what we want our users not to do any more and its one of the core reasons for getting a password manager. Password reuse allows for credential stuffing and it has to be the number one reason people find accounts are compromised. Each password should be unique and horrible enough that remembering or typing it just isn't fun. Those are the kinds of passwords that will protect you when any individual site is hacked.

    You can return to 1Password 6 if you want but it is worth noting that 1Password 6 is no longer under active development. Due to a change in Brave's signing certificate 1Password 6 no longer works with Brave and we do anticipate 1Password 6 no longer working with Safari once Safari 13 is released in the fall alongside Catalina. Safari 13 will likely be the first version of Safari that only supports the newer Safari App Extension approach to extensions whilst 1Password 6 only supports the older Safari Extension Gallery. Anybody that uses Safari and updates to 13 would need 1Password 7.2 or newer to continue using 1Password in their preferred browser.

  • Alright, well whilst I understand your reply, being against my freedom to use your software how I, the customer, want, isn't how you keep a customer. I will never change my non critical website passwords, and so if you will never change your policy and force me to always see an orange flag on your software, I will not want to use your product. It bewilders me how your credo goes against keeping your clients. It would be enough to have a checkbox where I can decide to have alerts or not ! Your company isn't going to tell me how I run my website access. You can recommend things, but certainly not force me, or make it unpleasant for me, or... astalavista

  • I'll await your final reply on it, and will go, yes, take a membership with lastpass... a membership ! For one little thing... It'll force me to waste a couple of hours of my time, but me too, I have my credos ! and my credos is that if you force me to do something, I don't like it.

  • Crazy when you think of it... I've been a customer for years... at least 7 or 8 years.... anyway, whatever you want

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @debauchez

    We certainly appreciate your patronage and hope you'll continue to be a customer in the future. That said, we stand by our strong recommendation to use unique passwords for each account. That is one of the core principals of password management. You certainly aren't forced to do so, but 1Password will continue to warn you of password reuse where it finds it. If you feel a different product would better suit your needs I understand. But we can't in good conscience enable poor password hygiene. I'm not sure what the purpose of using a password manager would be if your intention is to reuse the same password for multiple accounts.

    Whichever route you decide to take I hope you end up with a solution that you're comfortable with and confident in.


  • OMG mate... "password hygiene" lol... come on... anyway, you didn't have to put that orange bar there, an alert in the sidebar that people would have been well enough. I'm happy to leave... I wonder if you guys have weighed in the cost of acquiring a new customer vs that of annoying existing ones... I guess having hygienic customers is what counts. I'm gone.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Best of luck @debauchez. If you ever change your mind we'll be here to help.


  • Just to explain it to you since your company, despite the quality of the product, doesn't understand why someone like myself uses your product. I use it so I don't have to carry a notebook with me with all my passwords. So that I don't have to put them all in some clumsy note or file... That's the prime reason. And it's the main one since our life is a lot online these days. Then of course, a notebook wouldn't be secure, so of course security is important. I don't want people to easily get into my bank account etc... at my level, I need it secure. i don't need it to be fort knox for everything... I also have some personal notes in 1Passord, it's a good place for me to store things too... High level security is nice to have, not something I need for everything. I hope this clarifies it for you. If you think all your clients want a 14 digit key for all their passwords, then I'm in the wrong environment and I will leave....1Password has security where I need it and that's for you to provide in a smart and non intrusive way, but for ME to judge. I was very happy with 1P6, so I guess, it had the right level for me.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    so of course security is important

    Which is exactly why we recommend using unique passwords. That way, when a service is compromised (as we hear about daily), only that service is compromised... not every account that also used that same password.

    If you think all your clients want a 14 digit key for all their passwords

    What I'm still not understanding is why you wouldn't. Thanks for taking the time to share your perspective.


  • Because I’m not always on my own Mac or my iOS device, because I may have to work from a machine that doesn’t have 1PW and so I’d have to what ? Manually enter a 14 digit password from my iPhone onto, for instance my company iPad on which I’m allowed to browse but not to have 1PW... to order some water for the house, reply to a forum post or check some calendar ?

  • I just need the freedom that’s all... and if the main point of 1P7 was that it looks better... well this should have been thought through from the customer experience point of view. It’s like I have one fitness tracker, Moov, that refuses to give steps because they have a credo : steps don’t matter. All that matters is calories spent. They may be right but people don’t like that they decide what’s important for them. I am sure I won’t be the only one having a few similar passwords. And I can’t see how people will like the orange bar. My first reflex wasn’t : how do I make all my passwords different but : how do I get rid of the bar.

  • Moov I guess is going out of business since their blog is dying. They killed their own product for not listening to a simple request.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback. We'll continue to consider how we can build the best offering for the greatest audience.

    And I can’t see how people will like the orange bar.

    It is important to use unique passwords and the majority of our customers appreciate the reminder. We'll continue to stress that, but we'll also listen for additional feedback on how to best convey that message. That said, I would not anticipate any changes in this regard in the immediate future. Right now our focus is on getting our apps ready for the upcoming Apple OS releases in the fall, as well as a few other irons we have in the fire. We'll need to finish our efforts there before we can direct our focus elsewhere.

    We appreciate your thoughts.


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