Saving login information collects the wrong info

The last few times I've needed to create a login at a creation page I've put in the usual fields. Name (personal name not a username), Email, Password.

I'll get a popup for a 1password generated password, as soon as I click it I'll get a "Save New Login" screen. The problem I've been running into is the saved login uses the "Name" as the username and not the "email".

Can the new login screen include the information that it's saving (login name and password?) as a means for verification?

With this screenshot, 1password pulled the data from the "your Last Name


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OS Version: Win 10
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    Hey @Tandom – thanks for sharing your thoughts! Having a feature that allows you to edit the username within the save Login modal has been brought up before, and I wouldn't be against such a thing. I think it's even more important that 1Password X is saving the proper "username" (whether that be an actual username or an email address) whenever possible. The root issue here is that 1Password X is detecting the Last Name field as a username, so such a feature wouldn't be necessary if that weren't happening. Would you mind sharing the website URL for the site in your screenshot so I can get it reported to our developers?

    ref: x/b5x#708

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