Hide certain logins from iOS 12 AutoFill

I have multiple logins for many websites but I only use a specific one 99% of the time. For example, I have my parents Apple ID info in my vault because sometimes I need to help them with their account but in every day use I only need my own showing up for auto fill. This is especially bad when sometimes it'll sort so my login is the last one in the list and it takes extra steps to auto fill


  • rudyrudy

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    Currently the only mechanism for excluding items from being included in the AutoFill context is to exclude the vault the item exists in from All Vaults in the main 1Password application, there is also a bug with that mechanism that will be addressed in 7.2.1.

  • How would you exclude a vault within iOS app?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @tcconway - Settings > Vaults > All Vaults and toggle off any vaults you do not wish to appear in the All Vaults view. :)

  • But the hidden vaults contents continue to show up as suggestions in iOS Safari.

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    @tcconway: If you are have enabled iOS 12 Password Autofill for 1Password, that includes all Logins in 1Password. There isn't currently a way to exclude anything, but perhaps that will be possible in the future.

  • Any updates on this? I have several logins (with the same email) for subdomains of a particular root domain and the iOS 12 autofill suggests all of them without a way to differentiate them from the UI (it only shows the email address in the login picker). I was hoping I could exclude all but the most frequently used one from the autofill so this is no longer an issue.

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    @Rjevski: 1Password for iOS no longer vends Login item to iOS Password Autofill under any of the following conditions:

    • Login item has been edited to set "Display" to "Never suggest in browser"
    • Login item is in a vault which has been hidden from All Vaults

    And you can also now switch to individual vaults in 1Password's UI from Autofill (tap "1Password..." or the "key" icon to get there):

    Cheers! :)

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