Brand new user about ready to find your competitor's product

I am an IT pro and a complete new user to 1Password. I just created an account and generated a highly secure random passphrase. I added that string and successfully logged in. My first action was to try to download the Windows app. It asked me for my password again. (why?) It will not accept the password I just entered from a written record. Something is way wrong here. 1) I was already logged in; shouldn't have been required to enter the password again and 2) if I understand the instructions correctly, my only recovery path is to delete everything and start over. If that's true, it will be with your competitor's product, Anybody got a way out of this cf?

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  • HenryHenry

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    Hi there and welcome to 1Password @w4epi! Did you set your Master Password to be that highly secure random passphrase you mentioned? If so, that might be tripping you up—like any other secure password manager, 1Password requires your Master Password (or, on subsequent unlocks, supported biometrics like Windows Hello and Touch ID/Face ID) every time you want to unlock the app, including on initial setup, even if you just typed it into our web client. That's because your data is end-to-end encrypted by your Master Password, so it's needed to decrypt it and open the app.

    If you've forgotten your Master Password and are unable to get back into your account through our web client or the 1Password app, let me know, and I'd be happy to help you get set up with a new account in a flash. We're unable to recover your Master Password ourselves, since that would require knowing your Master Password. We don't have it for your security.

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