I'm trying to install 1 password on family computers as I have a family account.

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Im a highly experienced computer user - 40 years Apple and PC and I'm having one hell of a time installing 1 password on all our family laptops and iPhones. So far only my lap top, iPhone, iMac and iPads work. My wife's iPhone and Mac book seems to have her registered but she can't access the shared vault which I authorized. I sent her an invitation, she accepted, I approved and for the past 4 hours I'm getting no where. I find it incredible that a software company that makes a product that manages such critical assets, "passwords" has no phone support. How will I have to wait till I can finally use the family account I've been paying for for months now? Could someone PLEASE CALL ME and walk me out of this install nightmare. [personal information removed; this is a public forum.]

1Password Version: 1 Password Ver 7.3.2
Extension Version: ???
OS Version: 10.14.6
Sync Type: ???
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    @jsireno - I'm sorry for the trouble. We removed your personal information for your own protection, this is a public forum. It looks as if you also sent this identical message via email to our support team. Telephone and "live chat" screen-sharing isn't available for 1Password technical support, but we're happy to continue assisting you via email if that's OK with you. Since troubleshooting this will likely involve other specific details of you and your wife's setup that shouldn't be in this public forum, let's keep the conversation going via email instead of in multiple channels at once. One of us will be with you shortly. Thanks! :)

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