Feedback: "Recovery has been continued" email is confusing

Today, one of our employees recovered her 1 password account to her computer after she had some issues. All good. All normal. An email was sent out with "Recovery has been continued" to the 1Password admins. None of us understood it. I eventually figured it out, but when 3 different people read an email and then asked me (who also didn't get it at first), there's something missing in terms of clarity.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @chipdorsata! Welcome to the forum!

    And thank you for the feedback. How would you improve the email message?

  • Don’t send it to all administrators?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    So I understand exactly what you mean: is the problem you are reporting that the email message is unclear (as per your first post), or that you think that the message should not go to every administrator (as per your second post)?

    If it's the second: based on what would you send the message to some administrator but not to another? Is there any particular aspect you would consider to make this choice?

  • My preference is the latter. If a user is doing something that doesn’t require me to do anything, don’t tell me (or at least make me opt in to getting that sort of notification).

    The email still isn’t clear to me because “recovery has been continued” implies that I knew (well, and cared) that recovery had started. It also presumes I know (again, and care) exactly what 1Password means by “recovery.” I don’t, really; it is one of many tools I use/give access to others to use. While I’m glad it is your focus, you have to realize that the tool is a (very helpful) sliver of my life.

  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @chipdorsata,

    Thank you so much for the feedback here. This is a really hard email to get right - and I absolutely agree that it is still confusing.

    Our reasoning for sending it to all admins on the account was that technically any admin on the account can complete the recovery. We approached it completely from an implementation point of view - all admins have the keysets required to complete the recovery, and so any one of them can do it.

    That said, you make an excellent point - if I'm an admin and I didn't start the recovery, I'd be a bit blindsided by this email. Not only that, but we should only be completing recovery if we are sure that the person requesting recovery is actually the user they say they are. If I wasn't involved in recovery from the beginning, how am I expected to know that? I'd imagine that most of the time the admin that starts recovery is also the one that completes it, so sending these extra emails to the other admins is just extra noise.

    I can't make any promises on when or if this will change, as there are a few tricky details we'd have to work out from an implementation point of view, but we really appreciate your feedback on this.

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