Version information in Windows does not update?

1P for Windows today auto-updated from version 7.3.705 to version 7.3.712. The in-app information shows the correct (new) version. When opening Settings > Apps & Features in Windows, the app information still shows the previous version 7.3.705, even after a restart. Might be a Windows problem.

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • GregGreg

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    Hi @BenOha,

    It does sound like a system glitch, as I do not think that we have control over the version shown in App & Features (we show the correct version in the app, after all).

    I also checked this on my desktop computer and the version of 1Password 7 is correct on my side. Is 1Password the only app you noticed this issue with? Please let me know.


  • Thanks, I did not notice this issue with other apps. Meanwhile I am not sure that the update to v7.3.712 was successful. I have found a thread in the Windows Beta forum ‚update to v7.3.712 fails in strange manner‘. During the auto-update an error message appeared. I clicked OK without reading the full message because another active programm overlayed it.

  • Update: I have double checked the version of 1Password.exe. It is v7.3.712. In App & Features v7.3.705 and the previous installation date are shown (Windows 10 Pro 1903 with the latest system build). Must be a system bug.

  • Your update may have left a folder behind that Windows is reading, @BenOha. Give this a quick look for me:

    1. Open 1Password and choose Help > Troubleshooting > Reveal 1Password directory in explorer.
    2. Double click the 1Password folder in the window that comes up.

    Do you see a folder named previous here? If so, let me know. Thanks! :+1:

  • Yes, there is a folder named previous. I deleted the folder and did a restart, but Apps & Features still showed the previous version. So I recovered the folder from the recycle bin. Any idea? Thanks!

  • You should still get rid of that previous folder, @BenOha. It's not needed and could actually cause trouble down the line. In fact, that you had it all indicates some variety of update problem so the best thing to do, I think would be to see if we can figure out what lead to your install troubles, sort it out if we can, and have you reinstall that update. I'd not be surprised if the install issues and the versioning issues in Apps & Features are related. To that end, I'd like to ask you to create a Diagnostics Report from your PC:

    Don't post your diagnostics here (this is a public forum), but do attach them to an e-mail to `[email protected] with a link to this discussion in the body of the e-mail. I'll take a peek and let you know what I find. If you let me know when you've sent that e-mail here, I can often get to it even quicker. Thanks! :+1:

  • Hello, just sent the diagnostics report via e-mail. Thanks!

  • brentybrenty

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    Great! We'll take a look. As far as I can tell, this is pretty common, as I've got a lot of apps where Windows Add or Remove Programs shows the very first version I installed -- which in some cases is something super old. It may have to do with different Windows development frameworks used to build apps. But we'll look into it. :)

  • Got it and replied – thanks, @BenOha!

    ref: TTG-16722-429

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