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My wife's 1Password data file (.agilekeychain) is getting merged with mine.

I've always been careful to keep our files separate, in our own Accounts Users folder, but today I noticed she has all my logins combined with hers. She normally has about 160 logins and I have about 300.

We have 50 backups on file. When I restore from yesterday's backup it correctly displays her 160 logins. Unfortunately, after a couple seconds that number jumps to 440 logins, somehow combining hers with mine. I also tried restoring from last week's and last month's backups but this problem persists.

Creating a new data file and restoring and moving the data file and restoring didn't solve this issue either. Neither did changing the Advanced options and unchecking caching and multiple threads.

How can I restore my wife's data file and prevent it with merging to mine?


  • brentybrenty

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    Hey there, ryansebiz! I am sorry for the trouble.

    It sounds like you and your wife are sharing 1Password under the same user account, and have been switching between your separate data files. This is not recommended or supported, and unfortunately it has you in a bit of pinch. :(

    I believe what is happening here is that the data is being merged after sync'ing back from the browser extension(s). Fortunately, it sounds like you have backups of each keychain that you can restore from. I encourage you to install 1Password under a separate user account for your wife where she can have her own database, which will keep the data separate even while using the browser extensions.

    To do this, you can simply copy a recent backup of her 1Password data and restore from it under the separate account. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. :)
  • ryansebizryansebiz Junior Member
    Hi Brent,

    We do use separate accounts and each 1Password data file is in our respective accounts.

    We primarily use the Chrome browser extension, but also have the Firefox and Safari extensions installed. Could this be the cause of the merging?

    In my wife's account I also changed her 1Password Advanced settings to turn off caching and multiple threads but the problem persists.

    Any ideas on what I can try to prevent this form happening?
  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    Ryan, do you have 1Password version 3.8.7 installed? We added a fix recently specifically to prevent this from happening. From the release notes:

    [CHANGED] Now preventing browser extensions from syncing when 1Password data file is changed or recreated.

    What's curious, though, is how this happened in the first place. If you are sharing a single Mac but each have your own account, each account has no access to the other, so unless your data file is in a shared location, I'm not sure how they got merged in the first place.
  • Hey everyone,

    count me in for that!

    We’re using 1P at work. There is one keychain for the whole team on the server, with data in it, everybody is allowed to see and use.

    Another personal keychain sits locally on every employees Mac.

    Firefox 4 with browser extension is in use right now.

    As described in this topic, it seems like you cannot use two keychains with the same user account.

    I can confirm the problems »ryansbiz« mentioned above — also starting to build a completely new keychain didn’t help.

    Can you guys give me a hint on how to fix that?
    We’re having a hard time at work right now because of this! (sweat)

    Nevertheless, 1P is great! Thank you so much for this app! (inlove)

    PS: What’s the right way to use 1P in a team of 5 people?
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    I've been using LastPass for sharing keychains and for sharing passwords. Using two password managers is a bit awkward, and where the programs have overlapping functionality I prefer 1Password hands-down, but for my purposes LastPass (which is cloud-based) and 1Password (which is device-based) are complementary.

    I routinely use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I have installed the LastPass extension in the browser that I use the least frequently, so it's out of the way when I don't need it.
  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We do hope to implement a solution so that customers can share passwords selectively, rather than the current "all or nothing" situation. This is still in the investigation stages and I can't make any promises until we have something more solid in place, but I can say that it is something we are very interested in solving and we are currently looking into it.
  • benfdcbenfdc Perspective Giving Member
    bwoodruff wrote:

    it is something we are very interested in solving and we are currently looking into it.

    Based on my experience with 1Password and LastPass, when AgileBits does come out with a solution I will latch onto it without hesitation. But until that happy day, I'm pleased to have a capable tool to meet security needs like Andrew87's. And as a wise man once said, your security is my security.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Thank you for the kind words, Ben! As the other Ben mentioned, this is definitely on our radar.
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