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Looking to do a kind of funky business/family combination, just wondering if this is possible. The scenario is that we are looking to use 1password for our family business as well as utilize it for personal use. The family consists of three couples who also want to use this for their own needs as well.

We are looking to have:
1. A shared vault for anything in the family business (and probably netflix, lol)
2. Shared vaults for each couple (and managed and only viewable by that couple).
3. Private vault for each person (this of course is the simple part)

It's basically like we want 3 family accounts all tied to the team account. Is this all doable with the team license or do we need to purchase individual family memberships and the team. Hopefully that is not the case as that gets a little pricey.

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    @abear247: Good question! It sounds like it would be easy to make a mistake and potentially compromise data -- or at least make things awkward, even if you all trust each other -- if you're doing all of that within a single membership. There are a lot of good reasons to keep business and personal stuff separate, but without even going too deep into all that I'll just say that this is going to be the big dealbreaker for you:

    Shared vaults for each couple (and managed and only viewable by that couple).

    Even if you set things up in a membership that way, an admin (and you have to have at least one) will be able to change vault access at any time. So there's not really a way to have your cake and eat it too within a single membership, involving business and family.

    However, 1Password Business can help you avoid having to worry about any of that. A 1Password Business membership essentially works just like this:

    It's basically like we want 3 family accounts all tied to the team account

    When you setup the 1Password Business membership, ideally just for work stuff, you can invite everyone involved with the company. You pay per person, but then each person gets the following:

    • Their own 1Password account, which a Master Password of their choosing
    • Their own Private vault, which no one else can access -- not even admins
    • Access to any vaults shared with them
    • Their own separate, but "paid" by the business membership (this is included, not an additional charge) 1Password Families membership...with all of the above for 5 members of their family -- again, provided by the business, but otherwise completely separate, in terms of data, and, if they leave the business, billing as well (so they don't have to start over with their family just because they change jobs)

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, especially getting into specifics about your situation, feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can discuss it further. :)

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