New extension and 1Password for Lion (again!)

Dear 1Password users and developers,

I have either an issue or a complain about the new 1Password for Lion. I used to open 1Password, unlock it, and search for an item without touching the mouse.
Since this new version (since 3.6 under Lion), when I open 1Password and start typing my password, nothing appears. I have to click inside the unlock password field with my mouse (tab doesn't work) to unlock 1Password. Since then, each time, I realize that I entered the password in the search field, behind the unlock cover. Worst, if someone is looking at my screen, this person can see my password. Very annoying.

Do I do something wrong? Is that the new way?

Same thing with the new 1Password extension for Safari; but I think it's Apple's constraint and there is no way to unlock - search - and - fill with the new extension without touching the mouse, right?



  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member
    Hi Yannik,

    I never click in the 1Password Master Password input field. It is selected for me by default.

    First, please make sure you are using both the latest version of 1Password (3.8.x) as well as the latest Safari extension (3.8.x). If you are, can you please send us a diagnostic report to [email protected] with a link to this thread? Please do not post the report here. The report can be generated from 1Password's Help > Troubleshooting menu.

  • Dear AWS Team,

    Field issue was fixed with updating the new version. So better that way!
    (I don't understand why it hasn't done it alone: I set update checking to daily. :-( Sorry... )

    But still no solution for the Safari extension. I think I'll deal with it...
  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    Thanks for the update, Yannik. The problem with the cursor not appearing in the extension is a Safari bug. Apple are aware of it and we are hoping for a fix soon.
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