what is limited sharing in teams?

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I was wondering what does the limited sharing means in Teams and Pro?

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    Welcome to the forum, @Shahane! Thanks for the question. I'm not sure where you got that phrase: "limited sharing," but I'll do my best to describe how sharing works in a 1Password Teams account.

    When you sign up for 1Password Teams and invite co-workers, everyone who joins the team gets their own Private vault, plus access to the organization-wide Shared vault. The Private vault can only be seen/used by the individual, and it's for work-related items (not personal, private-life stuff). The Shared vault can be seen and used by everyone, so it's a great place for things you need to keep secure, but everyone needs access to, such as building codes, garage codes, the office wi-fi password, etc.

    Beyond that, however, anyone who is an Administrator on a 1Password Teams account can create any number of vaults, and invite only those people to each one they feel should access the data it contains. So you might have one vault called "IT" for the IT department and another for the Executives -- 1Password admins can choose who gets access to what vaults, and whether they have read/write access or read-only.

    Then, in 1Password Teams Pro, you get a whole lot more flexibility: custom groups, custom roles, fine-grained control over what each user can do with each vault (as opposed to read/write or read-only).

  • Thanks Lars for your quick and detailed response.
    I found "Limited sharing" in Team description
    Includes 5 guests for limited sharing.

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    @Shahane - Ah, OK. Guests are a different matter. When you invite people to your team as team members, they get what I described above - a Private vault for their individual work-related items, as well as access to the organization-wide Shared vault, plus any other access you (or whomever is the Admin) chooses to grant them.

    Guests, on the other hand, are not members of the team, they do not get a Private vault, and they do not get access to the Shared vault. Instead, they get access to a single vault selected by the Admin who invites them. This is what's meant by "limited sharing," because you can't grant them access to anything beyond a single vault. Still, it can be very useful for situations like if you have outside contractors like lawyers or accountants who need temporary access to some of your files; you can use it for temp workers as well, without having to invite (and pay for) a full new member. With the Standard plan, you get five simultaneous guests included, on the Pro plan, you get 20. If you need more than that, then you can purchase additional guest slots, but they cost the same as members. Hope that helps!

    ref: WWD-55479-331

  • Can a guest save a new login+password to the Shared vault, or is the Shared vault read only for the guest?

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    @justcallmebradley: It depends on the access you grant them to that vault. The only practical difference between guests and "regular" team members is that guest have access only to a single vault you share with them -- no Private vault of their own.

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