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I have been using LastPass, but would still prefer to move back to 1Password - I found I really would like to use it offline as well. One feature I have fallen in love with is the multiple identities - they have proven invaluable. For example my husband and I each have our own Gmail account, and I have a few work related Google Apps accounts. With multiple identities, he just chooses his own, and I can switch between my own and my work identity.
I know you don't have auto login (YET), but I really hope that one day you might be able to cater multiple identities :D
So, add that to my list of necessities to make the switch once and for all :P

(The others being: auto login to websites and not having to relog in after each browser closure) :D

Edit: reading it back, I think I might not have been totally clear. I know 1PW has multiple identities, however... you can't attach certain logins to a particular identity and switch between them. I don't even think it'd be a huge adaptation of the program, you have most "ingredients" in place already :)


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    Thanks for the suggestions, Sophia!

    We're constantly improving 1Password, and it really helps us to know what our customers would find useful.
  • We could really use this at work. Recently all my coworkers started to use 1password (you are welcome) and we need to share some passwords between us. If we could share another data file (via dropbox) for a "work" identity that would be awesome.

    It would be a great incentive for more companies to start using 1password also.
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    Welcome to the forum, wmernagh!

    Our data structure currently doesn't support "subsets" of data or the idea of "partial access"; but it helps us to know what our customers would find useful, so we thank you for the suggestion.
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