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I upgraded from 1 Password 6 to 1 Password 7 on my Mac by downloading the new app from the App Store and then subscribing in the app. I actually want a Family license rather than the Individual one (the only one that was available). I understand I need to cancel the subscription at Apple, which I've done. Now what?

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    Hi @Jim42! Welcome to the forum!

    I will send you an email in a moment so we can do this over there without sharing personal information on a public forum :)

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  • All sorted out now. A bit confusing, I must say.

  • Further feedback: this took FAR more time than it should have. The instructions were not clear (license vs. membership, Apple vs. AgileBits, .ca vs. .com) and the options and their benefits were not well articulated. Moreover, I'm left feeling a bit uneasy that AgileBits has effectively side-stepped Apple's walled garden. I went along because it was the only way to get a Family membership, but I am not comfortable that Apple is getting nothing from this transaction. I'm concerned that at some point Apple is going to target 1P7's membership mechanism. I think AB should be paying Apple for the privilege of being part of the ecosystem. Also, since you are moving people from a license to a subscription, you certainly have the profitability to be afford to do so.

  • I went along because it was the only way to get a Family membership, but I am not comfortable that Apple is getting nothing from this transaction.

    It actually is possible to pay the family subscription via App Store to my knowledge. However I would not worry about Apple taking any action to keep 1Password from doing this the way they are since it is perfectly in line with the App Store Guidelines and what a lot of other much larger vendors are doing as well (e.g Microsoft, it is possible to get the Office 365 Subscription via App Store but it is also perfectly fine to sign up via other channels). Also I do not think Apple could take such a step without facing a major problem with Anti-Trust-Authorities since they are already looking deeply in the App Store Fees.

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    Indeed, it is possible to pay for a 1Password Families membership through the App Store, but you'd need to have signed up for the family option from the outset. That doesn't have a way to change account types through it, only changing the subscription plan; and switching to something that costs more there without being able to switch the account itself would just result in paying more, not getting more. Hence, switching to direct billing through our website in that case, since that has flexibility to change account type, plan, etc. at any time, because we've built that ourselves.

    We can't expect Apple to adjust their system just to accommodate 1Password, so we maintain that all on our own, knowing that people's lives follow their own trajectory. We've had folks go from business membership to individual to family, depending on their needs. Heck, someone that signed up when we first introduced 1Password memberships would have had no choice but to choose a team plan, so being able to change to a family or individual membership later when those were introduced was important, and we want to be in a position for 1Password to grow and change right along with that, wherever possible. So yeah, I don't see us getting rid of the option to pay directly, as that would take that flexibility away from all of our customers, and, frankly, make our jobs harder too, just having to say "no" to all of these requests. Something to consider.

  • Thank you for the explanation! I remain a devoted and long-time customer.

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    You're very welcome! Thanks for the kind words, and for your support! I'm sorry you had a bit of a rough patch there, but it sounds like you should be all set. If you ever need us though, we're here for you. Cheers! :chuffed:

  • Hi. I want to upgrade from an individual plan (bought on the Apple App Store) to a family subscription. However, I can't see how to change billing from Apple to 1 Password. Cheers.

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    Hi @karl_steinacker! Welcome to the forum!

    We will be happy to help you with this. I noticed that you also sent us an email about this issue. So we don't duplicate the answers, we will get back to you over there as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience!

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