Multiple-account user experience can be done better

User scenario
I have two accounts on my 1Password X ("Personal" and "Corporate"), both are locked with different master passwords

I use my Personal account first:

  • e.g., open a social network with the password stored in Personal account
  • click Cmd+Shift+X and enter my Personal password to unlock the Personal vault
  • I authenticate on the website using 1Password popup

Then I want to use my Corporate account:

  • e.g., open a corporate website with the password is stored in Corporate account
  • since 1Password X is already unlocked, it doesn't prompt for master password, but shows the suggestions list based on my Personal account.
  • I need to unlock my Corporate account by going to 1Password extension icon -> Cog icon -> Settings -> Accounts & Vaults -> Click on Corporate account -> Enter master password on a popped up page -> Close the page

Since my accounts get locked out automatically occasionally, it makes it a little bit painful to switch between these two accounts and even more time to realize "where has my account gone, can't find id...ah, my second account has locked down".

Is it possible to introduce accounts tab, if there are multiple.
It could show the status (locked / unlocked) of the accounts and enable users to unlock them easily, in a popup input instead of a new page / tab.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hey @ykurmangaliyev

    Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this message. While I forward it to the team, here are a couple of suggestions I have for you:
    1. If you set all of your accounts to have the same Master Password, they will all unlock simultaneously when you unlock 1Password X. This is the best way to go about it so far.
    2. You can press CMD+SHIFT+L to lock 1Password X and then CMD+SHIF+X to unlock it immediately, then enter the Master Password for the other account you'd like to work with right now. This is less ideal since you will have to constantly lock/unlock 1Password, but it is much quicker than going to the settings page.

    I hope these suggestions will come in handy in the meantime!
    Thank you again for all this info and screenshots. Hopefully the developers will find it useful when they review that as a possible feature :chuffed:

    ref: xplatform/xplatform#124

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    Another suggestion that I forgot to mention:
    You can have 2 (or more) different Chrome profiles, each one with 1Password X installed with a different account. That will allow you to simply change between profiles and work with the account you need.

  • The second workaround with Cmd+Shift+L is very handy and easy/quick to use, I didn't know about this lock shortcut before.
    Thanks for the comprehensive reply!

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    I'm glad you found one of these suggestions helpful for your workflow for now!
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feedback :)

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    An unconnected consequence of having more than one account (on the macOS version of the 1P7 app) is that it is likely you will have more than one vault and item with the same name.

    I have a personal subscription and am trialling a Families subscription. Both accounts contain (by default) a vault named 'Private'; both accounts contain items tagged 'Starter Kit'.

    Whilst I am comfortable with this, the design of the 1P7 app could be improved graphically. If I search the tag 'Starter Kit' it returns a number of items, some of which are similar. The vault hierarchy of the item is shown to the right of a flag graphic (see large pane, beneath the item name 'Welcome to 1Password!')

    When there is more than one account, it isn't possible to distinguish which account the item belongs to.

    It would help me if each account was named rather than represented with a flag graphic, so rather than:
    flag > Private
    account name > Private


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    @AndrewParker: It looks like you're referring to 1Password for Mac, not 1Password X as being discussed here, but it's a good point. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • Sorry for posting in the wrong forum: I didn't look beyond the thread title.

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    No worries! :)

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