Autofill in BofA app stopped working after 1P update

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Autofilling in the BofA app has been a saving grace on Pixel 4 as they still don't support Biometrics. However, it no longer works after the 1P update. Nothing changed on the BofA app as they haven't any updates.

I feel like app Autofill has regressed i.e. stopped working for NetBenefits, but BofA is one app I'm sure hasn't seen any updates.

1Password Version: version 7.4.BETA-1
Extension Version: NA
OS Version: Android 10
Sync Type:


  • When trying to fill in BofA, a toast appears about not having a one-time passcode in the Login entry, making me think it's incorrectly detecting the password field as an OTP field?

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    Hi @bezhermoso. Thanks for reporting this! We've noticed that Autofill doesn't seem to be supported in the BofA app as well, and our team will look into it. For now, try using drag and drop.

    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#172

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