Auto fill not working on IPad 2

Hi, I am a recent very happy user of 1Password on Windows 7, great app wish id found it earlier.

The windows version auto fill's out the various fields and logs into my various bank accounts fine, however the built in browser of 1Password Pro on my Ipad2 does not want to fill out any of the detail or log in.

It seems to work fine with other log in’s except for financial institutions, I have tried three with the same problem.

The strange thing is it works on the mobi sites, but i really want full web access on my Ipad, Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here??
FYI the two are synced via drop box and work fine together.


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    Welcome to the forums, mrrouxsterful. I'm sorry that you are having this trouble.

    Could you please provide the URLs? I'd love to take a look.

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