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I was wondering if the logins that are in the Generated Passwords section of 1Password can be moved to the Logins section? I have logins in the lower section (Generated Passwords) that aren't in the Logins section. Why is that? Do I need to go to the website to get it in the Logins section? Thanks, Judy


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    At this time, items cannot be "converted" from one vault (section) to another.

    They do no harm in the Generated Passwords section, and you can delete them if you wish. The Generated Passwords section is intended to be a safety net, though, so we recommend leaving it intact. You can disable its display in the sidebar if it bothers you (Preferences > General > Display in Sidebar > Generated Passwords). It is completely separate from your Logins which are actually displayed in your browser(s).

    Password reuse and weak passwords are arguably the most common causes of security breaches. The Generated Passwords solve both problems in one fell swoop. :) Please feel free to completely ignore them if you do not wish to take advantage of the additional security they offer.

    If anyone knows about an abundance of Generated Passwords cluttering up a data file, you can be sure that we at AgileBits do (with all the testing we constantly perform)! There are too many to worry about. I treat it like my Gmail archive. I never look at it, but I can search it if I ever need to. And I have certainly needed to once or twice after I thought I had saved a login but hadn't. Saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

    To create a new Login item using one of the Generated Passwords, simply visit the site and then click the "View password history" button in the password generator section of the browser extension. Click the password from the resulting list and it will be filled in the form. When you log in, if you don't already have a Login saved with that password you will be prompted to save one.

    I hope that helps explain the situation a bit better. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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