Updating 1Password standalone (6 -> 7) - Mac

Intending to update from 6 to 7. Maybe.

  1. IIRC I originally installed 1P from the Apple App store - but I'm not sure. Is there a way to figure this out? I can't find a "past purchase" on the Apple site.

  2. I have 1 license installed on 2 Macs. Can I install 1PV7 on 2 Macs with one license?

  3. How much is the license for standalone V7. Website is big on monthly plans. Not so clear on standalone.

  4. Or is it included with my V6 license?

  5. Should I update my iOS 1Password to a particular standalone version too?

Yes, I know all this information is out there, but it's in dribs and drabs here and there, but not in one place.

Would be very cool if there were a standalone bundle for Mac + iOS.

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.14.5
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    @AlanTheBeast - let me take your questions in order:

    1. Yes. Click 1Password > About and you'll see whether it's from the Mac App Store or from us. Also, in version 6 and earlier, the Mac App Store version of 1Password was simply called "1Password," while the versions installed from our website had the version numbers appended. You should be able to tell just by looking at the top-left of your screen while 1Password is the active application. If not, use the About method.
    2. Standalone licenses for 1Password have always been per-person, per-platform, but not per-device. Meaning: a single license allows you to install the version of 1Password for Mac you purchased the license for on as many Macs as you personally own/use. Other family members, co-workers, etc (if any), would need their own licenses.
    3. The full retail price of a 1Password 7 for Mac standalone license is $64.99. They're currently on sale for $49.99, over 23% off that retail price. I don't know how much longer that will be the case, however.
    4. No. Both versions 5 and 6 were given free to license holders as far back as 1Password 4 for Mac. Version 7 is a completely new upgrade, and requires a new purchase for all users unless your purchase of version 6 was after March 27, 2018.
    5. 1Password for iOS is already on version 7 and has been for some time. It's likely - unless you have automatic updates turned off and don't frequently update manually, that you've been using 1Password 7 for iOS without knowing it for quite a while.

    We have never had a specific license bundle between Mac and iOS, as they're paid for via different methods. 1Password for iOS must be purchased through the App Store, and 1Password 7 for Mac can only be purchased either via the Mac App Store or directly from us. However, the best way to use 1Password these days is using a 1password.com membership, which includes access to all four of our native 1Password apps (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android), and would qualify as a sort of "bundle" in that regard. It's also got a number of other advantages we can only bring to users in the context of the 1password.com servers.

  • Great detailed answer, Lars. Thanks!

    It would appear I got it from Agile Bits ("1Password 6" / "Agilebits Store")

    Just DL'd 7.4.1.

    As to 1password.com membership I have a philosophical objection to "rents".


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    @AlanTheBeast - glad you got the version/source issue sorted. :)

    Regarding "rents," I hear you, but I've never been entirely sure what to make of that. Since 1Password memberships debuted, we've continued to offer standalone licensing in addition to memberships, so users can make decisions that best suit their particular situations. But purchasing a standalone license has never equated to "owning" 1Password (vs "renting") -- not even a specific version. Just like a membership, a standalone license grants you a specific, limited, defined set of rights to use 1Password. The rights are different between licenses and memberships, but the overall concept is the same. With a license, you get the right to install the version you purchased on as many Macs as you own/use, for as long as you continue to have hardware and versions macOS/browsers that are still capable of running that version. New versions of 1Password may require the purchase of new licenses to use the new version.

    Also, most of us don't still have Macs running Snow Leopard, for example, which would be what you'd want (or Lion) to continue using a 1Password 3 for Mac license. So, while everyone's license for version 3 is still fully functional, almost no one continues to use it because time has moved on. If you've been using 1Password for a while (thank you!), that means you've likely purchased licenses for multiple versions of 1Password over the years, as you've acquired newer devices or at least newer versions of macOS which in turn require newer versions of 1Password. What a 1password.com membership does is make those larger, further-apart "rents" (AKA: new standalone license purchases) more regular and therefore budgetable. With a membership, you know in advance what and when you'll spend, to have not just the latest version of 1Password on every device you own, but also, for most users (especially in multi-user family situations), it's actually less expensive over time to use a 1password.com membership than it is to keep purchasing standalone licenses whenever we release new versions. And the non-monetary benefits are substantial. Still, it's your call, and we're happy to support you either way. :) Let us know if you have any questions.

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    Hi Lars,

    My point is I pay once (and it's expensed to my co.) and move on. 1 Password 6 was an update on my machine in 2013 if my records are correct. So about $0.43 per month if you want to look at it that way. Similar for iOS.

    You might not consider that legally "owned" but for my purposes that's what it amounts to.


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    @AlanTheBeast - 1Password 4 for Mac was a paid upgrade from version 3, but both 1Password 5 for Mac (released October of 2014) and 1Password 6 for Mac (released January of 2016) were free upgrades for holders of 1Password 4 for Mac licenses, mostly due to the fact that we were unable to charge for new versions in the Mac App Store so it didn't seem fair to charge users who purchased from us directly, even though those were full version upgrades.

    Continuing to provide unlimited free upgrades indefinitely wasn't a sustainable business model, though, so with 1Password 7 for Mac we made the decision to have the Mac App Store version be membership/subscription-only. That means standalone licenses must now be purchased directly through our FastSpring store for future versions, and although we've tended to be pretty generous with "grandfathering" historically, I would be surprised to see another period like the one between mid-2013 and mid-2018 that had no paid upgrades of 1Password for Mac. However, as I mentioned, the choice remains yours. :)

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