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Can't import or move keychain to DropBox

I want to store the PW data (the key chain ...right) on Dropbox so i have access from other computers. Right now I have data in two places, on my nas and DropBox. When I try to import one file and combine the two I find nothing to import when I go to the director and if I go to setup the move to dropbox is grayed out. How do I get this data to dropbox and and have 1PW use that data?



  • svondutchsvondutch
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    edited November 2011
    The "move to Dropbox" button is grayed out because a 1Password keychain having the exact same name is already in your Dropbox account, and we do not want replace (overwrite) existing 1Password data. I'm not sure which one you would like to keep (the NAS one or the Dropbox one), but you should be able to use import/export and merge one with the other. Then delete the one you do not want to use anymore, and copy the other one into your Dropbox account.
  • DBrownDBrown
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    Just for the record, we don't recommend or support storing your 1Password data folder on a network shared drive.

    Moving your data into your local Dropbox folder hierarchy is exactly the right thing to do.
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