1Password 7.3.712 for Windows is now available (now on stable channel)

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Hey folks,

We have another beta update for you to test; in addition to adding a few more security improvements and fixing the TOTP bug with specific lengths, we've decided to revert the changes we've made with the administrator rights. This update will require administrator rights one last time to reset the permissions.

This will be the last beta build before we ship it to the stable channel within a few days.


[IMPROVED] 1Password will notify users if their local 1Password database was created with a different version of 1Password that isn't compatible. {OPW-3841}
[IMPROVED] Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
[FIXED] Restored support for specific TOTP lengths (7-9). {OPW-4061}
[SECURITY] Added additional DLL search path limitations in other areas of 1Password. {OPW-3833}
[SECURITY] Improved the security of submitting user's crash reports to 1Password. {OPW-4120}


  • I am trying to upgrade from 7.3.684 to 7.3.712 on Windows 10 Version 10.0.17758 Build 17758 and I am receiving the error:

    1Password couldn't finish updating.

    Web browsers or security software may be preventing 1Password from updating. Exit 1Password and your web browsers, Configure any security software you may be using to allow 1 Password to complete its update, then try again. Cancel to roll back to the last version and try again later.

    Error: Os {code:32, kind: Other, message: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."}

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    Hi @bryanlucas,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

    Can you tell me what anti-malware solution are you using? This looks like an anti-malware solution interference, something's preventing 1Password from accessing its files.

  • I am not running any third party security software. I have Windows Defender only.

  • Same issue here. I'm running Bitdefender Antivirus Plus subscription based. I can't turn it off without uninstalling. Bitdefender offers an 'Advanced Threat Defense' where I had to add the 1Password individual file path to the exclusion list for a prior update:

    Using the 'update to 7.3.712" function within 1PW doesn't work as it performs the download and attempts to perform the update all in one step. The error message displayed:

    The rollback message when I select 'Cancel':

    **I believe I need a link to the update with a manual install so I can add the file location to Bitdefender after the download and prior to performing the install. I did not see one on the 1PW website, only a fresh ver. 7 install. **

    I toggled the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Defense Exploit Detection off and tested the update again, still failed.

  • It's been a bit since I've looked at BitDefender's settings, @Justcruzinthru, but I believe they have offered the option to whitelist a folder in the past. Our general advice when AVs are upset with us is to whitelist the entire %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password directory. Many AVs will also often have a log of threats detected and action taken that will allow you to whitelist from the record within the log. Finally, the fresh version 7 exe and the update are the same – the updater simply downloads that exact exe to your 1Password folder and runs it. Doing so yourself would be essentially no different except that you'll have to initiate the update process. Hopefully one of these paths helps, but let me know if you're still having trouble. :+1:

    @bryanlucas, if you're not running an anti-virus, then it may be the web browsers getting you. The 1Password extension can relaunch 1Password too early if the update process takes a bit too long. Have you tried closing all web browsers and trying the update again?

  • I did a clean installation of Windows 10, May 2019 update; I did install the latest version of 1Password from https://app-updates.agilebits.com/ and didn't have such problems. I use Kaspersky Internet Security.

  • Most of what I've seen has involved cleaning up the old app folder rather than installing the update itself, @r1ma, so I don't know that I'd expect any issues with a fresh install even if your AV is fussed about this. It totally could mean Kaspersky is being nice to us, but with the issues we've seen thus far, I'd still advise keeping an eye out next update juuuust in case. Thanks for letting us know the fresh install went smoothly, though. Good news is nice to hear regardless. :chuffed:

  • @bundtkate I am not able to whitelist 1PW in Bitdefender. I am only whitelist a file.

    As with the last update, I will have to uninstall 1PW, only to reinstall it. 1PW is the only app that won't update on my laptop, none of the others even require whitelisting. I appreciate heightened security, at the same time, seems there should be a better way than uninstalling and reinstalling.

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    @Justcruzinthru: Both the file you have selected and the one below it are 1Password's executables (the top one is its filling engine). I agree that there should be a better way, but it exists already: 1Password installs and updates fine here, because I don't have any other software interfering with that. It is not possible for 1Password to prevent that. It's something you'd either need to configure there yourself, or have the vendor help you with it. We are not affiliated with BitDefender. :(

  • @brenty , thank you for your reply and yes, I recognize that 1PW is not affiliated with BitDefender.

    I must not be explaining myself effectively in this thread. All I have been asking for is a way to download the update independently of the install, so I can whitelist the update file(s) itself before executing it.

    For whatever it's worth, I've changed nothing on BitDefender, including not selecting 1PW as a trusted application, etc, and 1PW updated successfully today. Nothing else has changed on my laptop that I'm aware of. I am a career tech professional, not a computer novice. Seems something must have changed.

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    Hi @Justcruzinthru,

    We haven't changed anything on our side at all either. It is possible BitDefender've learned of the new update and issued a definition update to whitelist 1Password. If not, it could've been something else on your computer.

    All I have been asking for is a way to download the update independently of the install, so I can whitelist the update file(s) itself before executing it.

    We don't plan to offer that but there are updater-related changes coming in the major 1Password 7.4 update that may let you do something of that sort. We can't confirm anything as it is all being tested right now but the updater should be more resilient.

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    @Justcruzinthru: I am sorry for misunderstanding you earlier, and I think that Mike may be misunderstanding as well. If you're just asking how you can install the current version without going through the update procedure, you can always download the latest from our website:


    I hope this helps. But if there's anything else, please let us know! :)

  • Hi, what about the next update? :-(

  • Hello. Will there be any new update in this year?

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    Hi guys,

    We're trying and working as fast as we can to get you the new 1Password 7.4 betas but I don't think we'll be able to do it before the end of the year as our developers will be spending more time with their family on the upcoming holiday breaks.

    I'm hoping we'll start off 2020 with a bang.

  • Happy new year to all.

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    Happy New Year to you too, @r1ma! I find myself looking at Mike's comment from earlier and getting a bit nervous about what 2020 has in store – anticipated releases are exciting, but stressful too as it becomes that much more important they go well. Here's hoping your 2020 is off to a lovely start and that we'll have some goodies to make it even better soon. :chuffed:

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