Moving items between vaults deletes attachments?

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my family's setup before 1P family plan was 3 separate vaults (1 for me, 1 for her and 1 for family items) synced to every device over Dropbox. By this everyone was able to see (and edit) everything ... and the family vault was only used for special items that shouldn't get lost in the huge "personal" vaults.

When I moved to 1P family plan, going through the setup all my items were imported into the new default "Private" vault. The issue here is, that I cannot make it available to her, so I wanted to create a new vault, to which I will then give her viewing rights. However, when I now want to move all my items to that newly created vault I'm told that there are references which will be lost, and after a little bit of messing around I found out that this means that attachments will be deleted when copying/moving items from one vault to the other.

1) Why would you do that?
2) How to avoid that or
3) is there a way to share my private vault with her (then I wouldn't need to move anything, although I still find the whole deletion-thing odd)?

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  • They aren’t deleted. If you go under the categories and you’ll see “Documents”. All of them are in there. You can reconnect the documents, but off had I can’t remember how.

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    Ah, thanks for the tip!
    Still, I have around 50 "documents" that would need manual re-linking after the move - quite the pain.

    Is there an alternative? What's the reasoning behind that?

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    Hi folks,

    Links between items are not maintained across vaults. The reason for this is a bit technical, but it is related to the fact that item's unique identifiers change when changing vaults. The items essentially become new items, with no association to their previous state. At the moment there isn't a better way, but we would like to find a solution to this problem in the future.


  • Dears, any update about that one? Are links between items now maintained across vaults?

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    Currently they are not maintained @el_Fakir, we don't have anything new to announce at the moment.

  • It feels like there may be (at least) 2 different use cases that have the potential for being confused with each other. There is a use case I have seen referenced where users want to have the links maintained between different vaults, but I think (IMO) that is an edge case for most.

    I would expect that while you can have multiple links to a single document, most would be a 1-to-1 relationship (1PW team could tell me otherwise) and most of the documents linked to items would need to be accessible in the same vault as the item it is linking to. So with this more popular (IMO) use case, when someone is looking to move/copy an item that has linked documents, could 1PW not offer to copy/move the linked documents as well? It would require 1PW to check to see that the relationship is 1-to-1 (to avoid needing to maintain links between vaults (not currently possible)), before displaying the option.

    For me, this would make for a very simple solution, where I am otherwise faced with having to move and relink several 1-to-1 pairs.

    TLDR: When a user wants to move an item with linked documents to a new vault, they probably want to move the documents as well, so give them the option to move them at the same time if they are not linked to anything else.

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    I think that is a fair point and a reasonable request. Development has bounced some ideas around about this. I'll mention your thoughts on it as well. Thanks for taking the time to share. :)


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