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I couldn't find an answer to this, but if it's been asked before, I'd love to be pointed to it.

I manage a team account and need to invite a member who has an old account; I don't remember which version, but it's not the SAS version, just the one-time payment.

I want to bring that member into my team. I've taken over the management of several passwords from this person, so I'm concerned that when I bring him onto the team, he will have old passwords that I need to share with him. I have a vault that I will share.

My assumption is this will create multiple entries for the websites we have in common. Is there an easy way to handle this?

All I can think is that he'll have access to those passwords I share with him, and, also, he'll have old entries in his account that will no longer work. He will need to find those entries and remove them.

Am I thinking about this correctly? Am I missing any resources that would make this process easier?

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OS Version: OS 10.15
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  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @jlukasavige,

    You've got that right. If he is currently using a standalone vault, then when you invite him to the team account, he'll be able to sign into that team account in his 1Password apps as well. He'll then have two vaults - his old standalone Primary vault, and his new Private vault in the team account. He can choose to move over whichever passwords he wants, but if he moves them all, then he may end up with duplicates if you also share a vault with him that has the same items.

    I'd suggest he moves all his passwords over to the new Private vault in the team account, and then when viewing All Vaults together, he can sort by title and easily see which ones are duplicates - and he can choose to keep the one in the shared vault (assuming it's most up-to-date), and delete the one in his Private vault.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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